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What to Consider Before a Breast Augmentation in Chattanooga

Posted by Chad Deal on Apr 9, 2012 6:02:00 PM

If you're considering breast implants, there are some key questions to bear in mind. Author, Lucy Ballinger, Body + Soul originally wrote an article for the Australian breast implant consumer but we've modified for our patients in the Chattanooga, North Georgia and North Alabama areas.

With 387,180 breast augmentations performed in the United States last year according the American Society of Plastic Surgery, having implants is becoming ever more common. But if you’re considering surgery, what do you need to know before going under the knife? Here are some key questions below to ask yourself.

What are your expectations of the results?
If you believe you will get the perfect pair of breasts from surgery your expectations should be thoroughly discussed with your surgeon. "Attractive breast size and shape truly are tailored to the individual patient," says Dr. Chad Deal who spends a great deal of time discussing the unique aesthetics of the breasts with his patients.

Why are you having it done?
It is important to think about why you want implants, and take your time before going ahead with surgery.

Are you prepared if complications develop?
Although the surgery may go well, possible problems can occur after your surgery and also in the future, including implant leakage and hardness in the breasts.

Are you prepared to have the implants replaced down the line?
Breast implants are unlikely to last your whole life, and you may need to have further surgery to have them replaced. "Although many women's beast implants last their entire life, the expected life of implants are 10 - 15 years and usually only warranted for 10," said Dr. Carey Nease, a triple-board certified cosmetic surgeon.


Can you afford it?
The price of breast augmentation surgery can start at $3,995 and can be as much as $8,500 for a breast lift with augmentation. Southern Surgical Arts offers financing and has a full-time financial director who can help you if needed.

Five more things to remember:
-    Be sure to ask your friends and family for recommendations.
-    Be sure to ask for before and after pictures. Our surgeons upload photos to our gallery often.
-    Do your research and make sure you are confident in the cosmetic surgeon you have chosen. Dr. Nease is a triple-board certified cosmetic surgeon and Dr. Deal is a double board-certified cosmetic surgeon. Together, they performed over 300 breast augmentations in 2011 alone.
-    Think about the type of implant you want, and understand the pros and cons of it. There are two types offered at Southern Surgical Arts, silicone and saline. We offer both Allergan and Mentor implants.
-    Consider how you will look after yourself post-surgery. Do you have good support system at home to help with this?
-    And be prepared to go for regular check-ups after the surgery. Dr. Nease and Dr. Deal usually require a one day, 1 week, 6 week and 6 months follow up.

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