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Q&A: Will losing weight after my Brazilian Butt Augmentation “undo” my results?

Posted by Chad Deal on May 28, 2014 3:30:00 PM


I recently had a Brazilian Butt Lift and love my results. I feel more confident about my body and love the way I look in my bikini and yoga pants! Because I am more body-conscious now, I have been eating better and exercising more. If I lose weight, will it ruin my Butt Lift?


We’re glad to hear you are so happy with your results! The answer to your question is “no,” weight loss will not ruin your Buttock Lift. Please read on for an explanation.

A Brazilian Butt Lift uses harvested fat from other areas of your body. This requires us to alter these areas—including the abdomen, back and flanks—when we remove the excess fat. This process is called “liposculpturing.” This is a more accurate term than “liposuction” because we are not just randomly suctioning out fat—we are carefully sculpting a new surface.

A good cosmetic surgeon will approach this procedure as the work of art it is—creating smoother, shapelier contours not only on your bottom, but in the harvested areas as well. A successful liposculpturing procedure of any kind is not just about the fat we remove, but the fat we leave behind (no pun intended!).

Something is only as big as your frame of reference. Because we are effectively making the surrounding areas smaller, your buttocks will already look somewhat larger in proportion before we even inject your fat back into them.

Once we have added your harvested fat into your buttocks area, you will have those coveted curves.

If your weight fluctuates up or down after your procedure, your results will not be negatively affected. Current research strongly indicates that transferred fat results are long-lasting. We routinely transfer fat to the face, hands, and occasionally breasts, as well as the buttocks. Our own experience supports that fat transfers like these are very long-lasting.

If you lose or gain weight, you will lose or gain weight proportionately—from all over your body. So your buttocks will still be the size and shape they are, in proportion to the size of the rest of your body—be that with more or less weight overall. If you lose or gain a dramatic amount of weight, it might affect your proportions, but that is true for every figure, whether you have had a cosmetic procedure or not.

So continue to enjoy your Butt Augmentation even if your weight fluctuates —it’s not going anywhere!

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