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MothersRestore Your Pre-Pregnancy Body
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Cosmetic Surgery For Moms

You carried your children, watched your body morph into something miraculous and, at the end of it, came home with a precious new person in your life. After your pregnancy, it is absolutely natural to want to get back to your pre-pregnancy figure. Apart from a lifestyle of diet, nutrition, and exercise, all of which are vitally important to your health, many women struggle with how they can get their pre-pregnancy figure back. There are many cosmetic surgery procedures that can help you achieve your goals.

At Southern Surgical Arts, we offer everything from a single procedure that you need, such as a breast lift or a breast augmentation to a combination of procedures (called the Mommy Makeover) that address multiple desired changes at the same time. Unique to Southern Surgical Arts, the Mommy Makeover Plus includes labiaplasty, an increasingly requested procedure among moms today who have stretched, enlarged, or asymmetrical labia.

Our Surgeons

The most common procedures moms request today are the tummy tuck, liposuction (performed regularly today with Liposcultpure, a laser-assisted contouring technique), breast lifts, breast augmentations, and lastly a labiaplasty. Dr. Chad Deal and Dr. Carey Nease understand making the decision to have cosmetic surgery can be exciting but can come with lots of questions. Having performed over 10,000 procedures, they will always discuss with you all possible options, outcomes, and exactly what you can expect in terms of results, and also the recovery time after the procedure. They use the latest, proven technology in order to give you the best artistic results from the procedure. Sometimes the choice to elect for a procedure comes down solely to the surgeon you choose, so we invite you to take a look at our before and after photos of many satisfied moms.