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Free Guide: Face Lift Techniques Comparison Chart

Face Lift Techniques

132_caryn_jand_080407resize250Few personal qualities make us look and feel the test of time more than our faces. The stresses of sun, gravity and natural aging can often leave us looking less youthful than we feel.

The term face lift refers to changes that enhance the natural beauty of a man or woman’s face. While many procedures can be done separately, such as a brow lift, a nose reshaping, or reduction of excess skin in the neck and chin, a face lift provides a more complete aesthetic transformation.

There are several face lift options available to cosmetic surgery patients. Two of the most common face lifts performed at Southern Surgical Arts are the laser face lift and the cosmetic face lift. There are several other types of face lifts as well. But what’s the difference between them? How and why would you choose one technique over another? What are the procedures and recovery times for the different procedures?

In our free download, “Comparison Chart on Face Lift Techniques,” you will learn:

  • The different face lift procedures and how they compare to each other

  • What possible scarring, if any, might be visible from the different techniques

  • Typical recovery times to expect for each technique

  • Who are the typical best candidates for each technique

Making the choice to get a face lift is a big decision in your life. Make the decision easier by gathering the information you need to make an informed decision. Use the form on the right to download our face lift comparison chart and get started on your face lift research.