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Smoothing Out Cellulite: What Works, What Doesn’t

Posted by Chad Deal on Jan 28, 2014 8:51:00 AM

cellulite reduction Dimples are adorable—when the dimples in question are in a baby’s cheeks. Dimples on our own thighs, bottom, or stomach…not so much.

The lumpy, bumpy skin caused by cellulite is as common as it is unsightly—upwards of 85% of women have it somewhere. Yet knowing it’s a common problem, doesn’t make it easier come swimsuit season!

So what exactly is cellulite, and how can we get rid of it?

Cellulite 101
“Cellulite” refers to deposits of subcutaneous fat close to the surface of the skin. These fat deposits are held within the fibrous connective tissues that connect muscles to the skin. The fat bulging outward against this fibrous tissue creates the hallmark dimpled, or “cottage cheese” look.

Because we all have fat, even the very slim can have cellulite. As we age and our skin loses elasticity, the look of cellulite becomes more pronounced.

There is no way to completely eliminate cellulite at this time, but there are more approaches than ever before to safely and effectively give your skin a smoother, firmer look so you can sport your short-shorts and bathing suit with confidence.

What You Can Do
While you’ll find your best results through the intervention of a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, there are several healthy, beneficial ways you can improve your skin’s tone and texture.

  • Stay active. Exercising will help you burn fat, which will reduce the look of cellulite. Weight training tones your muscles, helping to create a smoother, leaner look.

  • Drink plenty of water. When we get dehydrated, our skin loses its natural “plumpness.” Making sure we are well-hydrated can help skin look softer and smoother, as well as flushes out impurities.

  • Try dry brushing. Daily use of a natural bristle brush to brush across dry skin not only exfoliates, it may also reduce the appearance of cellulite by increasing circulation to the skin and stimulating the lymphatic system to release toxins.

  • Boost collagen production. Topical retinoids can strengthen and thicken aging skin that has experienced collagen loss, helping to smooth out those lumpy places. Results are minimal from the cream alone and will be more effective when combined with one of the treatments listed below.

What We Can Do
Thanks to recent technological advances, the board-certified specialists at Southern Surgical Arts are able to offer safe, effective treatments to reduce cellulite and greatly improve the look of your trouble spots:

  • CelluSmooth is a minimally invasive procedure that provides immediate and long-lasting results. This laser treatment works under the skin to sever the fibrous bands that tether the fat to the muscle, and then “melts” fat deposits. CelluSmooth also boosts collagen production to tighten the skin itself. This innovative, three-prong “attack” on cellulite can produce visible results in as little as one treatment.

  • Cellulaze works similarly to CelluSmooth and is ideal for women with mild to moderate cellulite, especially on their outer thighs. Clinical trials have shown the results are significant and may last up to three years.  Cellulaze is done in the office with local anesthesia or may be added to another surgical procedure, commonly thigh Smartlipo.

  • Exilis uses radiofrequency energy to deliver thermal heat deep into the skin, liquefying fat deposits and stimulating collage production. While Exilis may be used alone for mild to moderate cases, the most dramatic results are achieved when combined with a CelluSmooth or Cellulaze procedure.

With laser procedures such as CelluSmooth and Cellulaze, patients can expect to be bruised for a few weeks and the final results may take several months to be revealed, during which time the skin will continue to smooth out. Because the procedures are quick and minimally invasive, most will be able to resume normal activity the next day.

Ready to see how these new and exciting treatments can transform your body?

Southern Surgical Arts will provide you with a complimentary consultation with our award-winning, board-certified surgeons so you can learn more about these procedures. Dr. Nease or Dr. Deal will meet with you to personally assess your individual needs and recommend the best treatment. Call 423.266.3331 to schedule your appointment today.

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