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Breast Lift at Southern Surgical Arts

Rabecca_swimsuit_laying_down_turn_head-resized-600When a woman is young, her physical appearance is an important part of her identity. A woman who is proud of her body feels free to face life’s challenges with confidence. As each year passes, her body responds to each stage of her life. After pregnancy or significant weight loss, a woman’s breasts may lack their former fullness and height.

At Southern Surgical Arts, our board-certified, fellowship-trained cosmetic surgeons strive to provide natural-looking results for every patient. Lifting the position of breasts and sometimes adding volume through a breast lift procedure helps active women recapture their youthful shape and confidence.

The incision(s) used during a breast lift procedure depends on the patient’s circumstances. At Southern Surgical Arts, we use the Benelli or Donut Lift, Lollipop Lift, and Anchor Lift techniques. When increased volume is desired, FDA-approved exceptional quality Mentor or Allergan implants (filled with saline or silicone gel) are then put in place behind existing breast tissue. This procedure is typically performed in an outpatient setting with IV sedation and local anesthesia. After the procedure, most patients recover for a few days before resuming normal activities within a week.

Choosing the best surgeon to enhance the appearance of your breasts is very important. Dr. Chad Deal, Dr. Vincent Gardner, and  Dr. Carey Nease at Southern Surgical Arts are board-certified, fellowship-trained, and have performed thousands of breast lift procedures with unmatched patient satisfaction. They will carefully listen to your questions and create a treatment plan that is the best option for you based upon your anatomy and goals. You can view possible results by looking at our before and after photo gallery.

A good candidate is a non-smoking women, age 18-65 in generally good physical health. The total cost of a breast lift procedure at Southern Surgical Arts begins at $6,000.

Every consultation at Southern Surgical Arts is complimentary. Fill out the form to the right or call now to schedule an appointment at our Chattanooga or Calhoun office.