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Why Southern Surgical Arts?



Transforming the body through cosmetic surgery requires careful listening, practiced skill, a meticulous commitment to safety, and an anatomical examination of the area you want enhanced. Dr. Deal, Dr. Gardner, and Dr. Nease listen carefully to what you need, making sure that they understand your goals, and recommending a procedures that will help you accomplish that goal.


Dr. Deal, Dr. Gardner, and Dr. Nease are fellowship-trained, board-certified Cosmetic Surgeons who specialize in cosmetic procedures. Dr. Nease is also a board-certified facial plastic surgeon. They have performed more than 14,500 cosmetic and facial plastic surgery procedures combined over the past 11 years. They both use the latest technology to produce natural, artistic results for you. They are both known for various recognitions and achievements in their respective areas, and they collaborate well together, sharpening each other's work.


At Southern Surgical Arts, we tell you everything up front, leaving nothing out. You'll get nothing but the fullest explanation of the procedure, a full disclosure of where and how it would occur, and what to expect in terms of results and recovery time. We will never give you unrealistic promises, and will always disclose what you can expect from your procedure.


Our total costs are all-inclusive, covering all internal cost (anesthesia, operating room fees, and surgeon's fees), as well as routine follow-up visits. There are no hidden or undisclosed fees. Our staff will let you know if there will be additional charges, which usually consists of prescriptions, labs and additional garments.

State-of-the-Art Surgery Centers

At Southern Surgical Arts, we perform all of our procedures in several accredited, state-of-the-art facilities. In Chattanooga's Southside, SSA's newest state-of-the-art surgical suite and luxurious office. In Calhoun, GA, is SSA's first location and surgical facility. We also operate at Physician’s Surgery Center near Parkridge East Hospital in Chattanooga.

We consult with patients, before and after surgery, in both our Calhoun and Chattanooga offices.

With two surgical center options, we can arrange to perform your procedure in the location that is most convenient for you. In each office, our highly trained and specialized staff provides you the privacy, comfort and expertise you deserve.

We invite you in for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Deal, Dr. Gardner, or Dr. Nease. Together, we’ll explore your aesthetic goals and work toward revealing your own natural beauty.

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