5 Common Misconceptions about Facelifts

The facelift is one of the most popular procedures we perform here at Southern Surgical Arts. Men and women alike love this procedure because it can help them to look as young as they feel.

Although it’s a common procedure, we occasionally encounter some apprehension from patients who are interested in having smoother, tighter, younger-looking skin, but are nervous about committing to a surgical facelift due to outdated information and bad memories of plastic-looking, old-school facelifts. We are always glad to set their mind at ease with current information and before-and-after photos that demonstrate what a long way facelifts have come!

Below are the five most common myths and misconceptions we hear about facelifts.

My skin will look stretched or artificial (plastic). If you choose your cosmetic surgeon wisely, it won’t. Results of a facelift performed by the right surgeon will be vastly different from the obviously “done” facelifts we saw so often on TV in the 80s and 90s. In fact, with today’s technological advances, a good facelift should be natural-looking and virtually undetectable. Traditional facelifts of the past simply pulled skin to the side without actually doing much lifting or replacement of volume loss, resulting in the stretched-tight, hollow look that has made such a lingering impact on people’s impressions of what can be a great procedure.

However, today’s cosmetic facial rejuvenation procedures actually lift the skin and underlying tissues, utilize transferred fat from other areas of the body to plump hollow places, and also often include laser resurfacing of the skin to erase sun damage and restore elasticity. The result is beautifully firmer, tighter, natural-looking result that does not scream “plastic surgery.” Our goal is that you look younger and refreshed, not different, pulled or plastic.
All facelifts are created equal. At Southern Surgical Arts, our surgeons have over 15 years experience performing facial cosmetic surgery. To achieve the best results, we customize each patient’s treatment plan according to what works best for them and their unique needs and desires. Some patients may simply wish to have their facial skin tightened and excess neck skin removed, or they may wish to add a brow lift or eye lift to remove hooded skin, raise drooping brows and erase forehead lines and wrinkles. For others, we may also harvest fat from other places on the body and inject it into hollow areas caused by aging or weight loss. Some patients may prefer to have a laser facelift, which will leave them with firmer, more youthful looking skin, but with less dramatic results than a surgical option. The best way to find out what will work best for you is to set up a consultation to discuss your desires and goals with your facial cosmetic surgeon.
Facelifts are for people a lot older than me, the rich or celebrities. When it comes to facelifts, the old saying “age is just a number” is very apt. Determining whether you are a candidate for a facelift is much more dependent on your health, the presence of jowls and excess neck skin or other signs of aging such as hollowing and other factors, than the date on your birth certificate.

Additionally, early intervention to reduce signs of aging and sagging may lead to a more natural-looking result. And the rich and celebrities are hardly alone in taking advantage of cosmetic surgery to look more youthful and beautiful. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the facelift was one of the top 5 most frequently-performed cosmetic procedures in 2013. And the cost may not be as high as you might think. Chances are good that you know people who have had a facelift…you just couldn’t tell.
My scars will be obvious. In the hands of a well-trained, board-certified cosmetic or facial plastic surgeon, your scars will be well-placed and virtually undetectable. In fact, you will likely still be able to wear your hair up or pulled back in most cases. Men can typically expect their scars to be minimal and unseen, even with short haircuts. Your best option to reduce the appearance of scars is to carefully choose your surgeon and ask to see his pre- and post-surgery photo gallery, including pictures of patients’ scars.
I am scared the recovery will be painful and long. This misconception was actually once very true—with the traditional facelifts of the past. Those patients could expect to spend 6-8 weeks recovering, and the post-op time was often very challenging with discomfort, swelling and bruising. However, recovery time for a cosmetic facelift today is generally 10-14 days, with minimal discomfort. Advances in technology and techniques have contributed to vast improvements in both the results and the down time. After a facial rejuvenation surgery at Southern Surgical Arts, you should be looking great and back to your routine daily activities in short order!
If you are interested in a facelift but had reservations, we hope this has put your mind at ease! We would be happy to discuss your options for looking more youthful and beautiful with you, so please set up a FREE personal consultation with one of our multiple award-winning cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Carey Nease or Dr. Chad Deal, today. Simply call our office at 423-266-3331 to schedule your appointment.

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