From Our Patient: My Tummy Tuck Changed My Life

One of the aspects of the field of cosmetic surgery that is the most rewarding is hearing from patients whom we have positively impacted. That is really why we do this—to help people find their confidence, to feel better about themselves, to love what they see when they look in the mirror. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is priceless! We love to hear our patients talk about how their procedures have changed their outlook on life. We found the testimonial below to be especially touching:

“For as long as I can remember, the puffy roll of skin around my middle is an insecurity I’ve carried with me—physically and especially emotionally. I don’t like to be in pictures, because all I see is The Roll. It’s impacted my personal life in negative ways. Even at my lowest weight, it was still there.

I’m pretty good at focusing on the positive in a situation: I like to think I look for the best in people and think more about the positive qualities in my own life instead of the negative. I love my career, my family is amazing, and there are lots of cool opportunities in my life right now. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to get rid of The Roll via diet and exercise (at 5’0”, this is especially difficult). I decided to research cosmetic procedures and see if it would be a worthwhile investment.

Due to a severe case of Scoliosis, I wasn’t even sure if I would be a candidate for a Tummy Tuck procedure. But after careful research, I decided to go to Dr. Deal at SSA for a consultation. Dr. Deal and his staff are wonderful about making you feel comfortable during the exam, as well as discussing surgical options. He thought a tummy tuck, along with liposuction, would be beneficial. He’d also done a TT for patients with scoliosis before, so he was familiar with the nuances of my body.

I talked to my general doctor (internal medicine) in detail about the procedure as well, and she was also in agreement that it would be a great personal investment and safe with my particular case of scoliosis. The surgery went well, and once again I was so impressed with the quality of Dr. Deal’s staff. They have exactly the mix of kindness and professionalism you’d hope for when undertaking a journey like this. I was able to contact Tyler (the “boss” nurse) easily with any questions, and my nurse and anesthesiologist on surgery-day were both exceptional.

I didn’t experience any nausea after anesthesia. Of course, there was pain and swelling initially—the first three days post-op were the most challenging –but Dr. Deal’s staff helped make that process manageable.

Day 10 is when I walked to my bathroom and had a moment of shock when I looked in the mirror. That’s the first time I remember looking in the mirror and seeing something I have never, ever seen before: a body I actually like.

I actually have an hourglass figure and, for the first time, feel like an adult woman. I feel feminine. While my scoliosis will always be obvious, that really pales in comparison to how much better I feel, and look, and how much better my clothes fit.

Swelling from both procedures lasts from four to six months (and sometimes more), but I already love the results. It’s a blessing I can’t articulate—to look in the mirror and see my body (a cute one!), and not a deformity first thing. I knew this procedure in no way corrected a skeletal deformity. But I underestimated how much it would highlight the good, and send my confidence soaring.

Now that I’m working out again, I’m also amazed at how much more endurance I have with the eternal tummy puff gone. My mom has told me that she sees a confidence in me that she hasn’t seen before. That’s what I was hoping for most of all.

This process was life-changing for me, and I’m so grateful to Dr. Deal and his staff for all they’ve done for me.”

If you’d like to improve your confidence and feel better about yourself, please contact Southern Surgical Arts at 423-266-3331 for a FREE personal consultation. Dr. Carey Nease, Dr. Chad Deal, and Dr. Vincent Gardner are award-winning, board-certified cosmetic surgeons with reputations for excellence in surgery and in making patients feel comfortable and confident throughout their cosmetic surgery journeys. We look forward to helping you feel more beautiful in your own skin!

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