Laser Face Lift Study Nearing Completion

The laser face lift study being conducted at Southern Surgical Arts in the North Georgia and Chattanooga area is nearing completion, as we have enrolled all but 3 patients to date. Our goal of 25 participants is close to being fulfilled, as we are excited to report that results are promising based on early evaluations. Final results will not be available for 6 months, but we have several examples of 6 and 12 week photos on our website. Be sure to check them out under the SmartLipo category and FaceLift category when you are looking for them. Click here for a quick link. We have observed no complications to date and significant improvements in the contours of the neck and jawline and also skin tone and texture. I am looking forward to finishing the study and presenting results at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery in Phoenix next January.

Call the office if you are interested in being included in the study. We are looking for patients who desire facial rejuvenation, age 40-55, have never had a facelift and do not smoke. The benefits of the Laser Face Lift are significant results with little downtime and no scarring using the latest laser technology. The procedure can be done with local anesthesia and light sedation.

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