Sexual Health

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Sexual health – the ability to participate in and enjoy sexual activity – is a vital aspect of a woman’s well-being.

While women generally view gynecological, obstetrical, and even reproductive medical care as a necessary part of their overall health, they can dismiss sexual health care as less important. Minimizing your sexual needs or assuming a lack of sexual enjoyment, arousal, or orgasm is just part of the aging process can result in misunderstood or overlooked symptoms.

Sex involves intricate communication and cooperation between the brain, nervous system, sex organs, and hormone-producing glands. Your hormones control these organs and, in turn, your sexual responses.

A woman can easily be unaware of the gradual shifts occurring within her body due to hormonal imbalance. Eventually, sexual satisfaction declines with the onset of changes like low or limited sex drive, vaginal dryness, odor or atrophy, painful intercourse, incontinence, inability to reach orgasm, and increased susceptibility to infection.

Stress, fatigue, poor diet or any number of other issues traced to hormonal inefficacy can compound the problem. If left untreated, these symptoms can impact your intimate relationships, as well as your mental, emotional and physical health status. But with hormone optimization, frequent and pleasurable sex is sustainable throughout your life.

Our certified Life professionals offer a personalized assessment and extensive analysis to help you identify the factors affecting your sexual health.

We’ll create a customized natural hormone replacement treatment plan – combined with supplements and nutritional, fitness, and lifestyle strategies – to help you experience a more fulfilling, satisfying and healthy sex life.