Body Lift & Post Gastric Bypass

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A body lift is a mid and lower-body procedure designed to sculpt new contours through fat removal and skin-tightening techniques. It incorporates multiple surgical techniques that lift and elevate the midsection, thighs, hips, and buttocks. They are most often indicated for patients who have lost a significant amount of weight and have an abundance of lax skin. For these patients, this excess skin can be both a physical and emotional burden and obscure one’s true figure. Body lifts can also be a suitable solution for aging patients with sagging skin, or new moms who want to restore the youthful shape of their pre-pregnancy body. Surgeons may utilize liposuction to further enhance the outcome.

If you are seeking a body lift after weight loss, you should expect to undergo 2 to 3 separate procedures to address the major changes. Depending on your unique case, your surgeon may be able to achieve the outcome you desire with just one comprehensive procedure.

If you feel that you may qualify for a body lift, consider scheduling a consultation at Southern Surgical Arts (SSA). Our board-certified surgeons collectively have the knowledge and expertise to ensure the best quality experience for every patient. Whether you are seeking a minimally invasive approach or a transformative procedure to amplify your confidence, our team delivers personalized results that you can love for a lifetime. To get started today, call our main line at (800) 950-0492, inquire with our contact form, or visit one of our locations:

Skin Changes from Aging and Weight Loss

The skin can change dramatically with weight loss and fluctuating body composition. This is because most of the skin’s structure comes from the supportive connective tissue fibers in the dermis, the second layer of skin that is only 1 to 4 mm thick. As fat atrophies with weight loss, the skin loses its ability to hold close to the body due to an imbalance of fibers in the dermis. Research has found that patients who have undergone bariatric surgery or have lost a large amount of weight have more elastin than collagen fibers in their skin, resulting in skin that is overly stretchy. Many of the remaining fibers are disorganized and too thin to provide the necessary rigidity. (1)

For many patients who have attained their goal weight, sagging skin can be extremely discouraging, as many feel uncomfortable in their bodies and feel the need to hide behind their clothing. An effective means of combating this issue is through body lift surgeries that involve removing the overhanging skin, redraping, and suturing it to a tighter position.

What is the Difference Between a Body Lift and a Tummy Tuck?

A body lift includes tummy tuck procedure techniques, but it is much more extensive. For a tummy tuck, surgeons typically only address the front side of the midsection. If the abdominal muscles have separated, they will use permanent sutures to restore a firmer core. They will remove fat with either excision or liposuction. Body lift techniques are designed for those who have a very large flap of skin over the abdomen and pubic area, also called a pannus. Body lifts are more equipped to handle circumferential skin laxity that may droop over the hips and cause drooping of the thighs and buttocks.

Candidates for the Body Lift

At Southern Surgical Arts, we perform body lifts for patients who are at or near their ideal weight but mainly need to cosmetically correct their loose skin. Patients should be in good general health without any problems related to the heart or lungs. They should also have achieved a stable weight for at least a few months before their surgical date. (2) Prospective patients should ideally be between the ages of 25 and 55 and non-smokers, but SSA surgeons will consider those who are willing to quit for some time to promote better circulation.

Personal Consultation

Our ultimate goal is to help you attain satisfaction with your appearance and your experience here at Southern Surgical Arts. During your consultation, your surgeon will first listen to your aesthetic goals before making any recommendations. They will evaluate your medical history and any conditions that you are currently managing, allowing them to give you the best advice regarding your specific situation. If they find that you could benefit from a body lift, your surgeon will outline the procedure steps, what you need to do to prepare, and steps to take to facilitate a fast recovery.

Our surgeons are committed to balancing surgical skills with artistry to create results that enhance your appearance, not alter it in any unnatural way. To find out what kind of treatment plan is right for you, call (800) 950-0492 or use our online form to let us know more about you. Come visit us at the location closest to you:

Preparation Steps

Once your surgeon has come up with your unique body lift plan, they will conduct blood tests to make sure there are no major issues to address beforehand. To get an idea of the functioning of your heart and lungs, they may use an electrocardiogram and/or perform other medical imaging tests. If you smoke or consume nicotine, your surgeon will advise you to stop for at least 1 month before your body lift and a few weeks after to encourage healthier blood circulation. They will also review your current prescriptions and/or supplements and ask you to stop taking anti-inflammatories or other substances with blood-thinning properties to ensure there is no excess bleeding during the surgery or surgeries. In the days and weeks leading up to your surgery, you should be mindful of maintaining your weight and following a nutrient-filled diet.

Body Lift Procedure Steps

Firstly, an anesthesiologist at SSA will administer general anesthesia so you will be completely asleep and comfortable for the duration of the procedure. Next, your surgeon will make circumferential or near-circumferential horizontal incisions that encircle the entire lower torso. They will remove stubborn fat and unneeded skin, re-drape the skin, and create a suture line that can be easily concealed by the waistband of a bikini bottom or underwear. During this process, you can expect:

  • Lifted buttocks with a more flattering shape
  • A reduction in “saddlebags”, or extra tissue around the outer thighs
  • More sculpted inner thighs
  • A flatter midsection with even contours from front to back
  • More youthful-looking skin with less dimpling, folds, and stretch marks

Body Lift with Liposuction

If your surgeon finds that you could benefit from liposuction before your body lift, they will first administer local anesthesia before injecting tumescent fluid in and around the treatment area. This fluid will swell the fat deposits, loosening it from the surrounding connective tissues. It will also cause vasoconstriction which will limit any blood loss. Then, your surgeon will make tiny incisions of a couple of centimeters or less to insert a cannula, a thin, tube-like device that will suction away targeted areas of fat. The liposuction portion of the procedure will not require sutures.

Recovery and Results

Depending on the extent of your procedure, you could require about 1 month of downtime. During these first few weeks, you should limit your activity, but be sure to take very light walks around the house to encourage healthy blood flow.

Your body lift may or may not be an outpatient procedure. Your SSA surgeon will prescribe a compression garment that will keep your incisions protected and steady while they heal. This garment will also serve to control swelling and prevent a type of fluid buildup called seroma. They will also prescribe medications to help prevent infection and keep you as comfortable as possible. You may want to switch to OTC medications at a later stage in your recovery. Your surgeon will be sure to schedule your follow-up appointments which will allow them to better track your progress and address any concerns you may have along the way. At around the 3-month mark, you will be completely healed and ready to go back to your normal gym routine. Your scars will have faded significantly around the 1-year mark, losing their raised, red appearance.

How Much Does a Body Lift Cost in Atlanta?

A body lift usually costs between $12,000 and $20,000 at Southern Surgical Arts. Your cost will depend on your unique physical structure, the number of procedures performed, and the details of each procedure. When comparing prices at different cosmetic or plastic surgery centers, know that the total cost of your surgery at Southern Surgical Arts will include the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia costs, and the facility fee for the operating room. Your surgeon will provide you with a more personalized estimate at the time of your consultation. Consider applying for one of SSA’s financing options with Alphaeon Credit or CareCredit for an affordable way to cover the cost of your treatment plan. Get in touch with SSA to discuss your body lift procedure by calling (800) 950-0492.

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