Q & A: Chin Augmentation Surgery

Q: My husband is so unhappy with the appearance of his jawline because he feels like his chin goes straight into his neck. He doesn’t even like to be in family photos anymore. Are there any options for someone who is unhappy with the shape of his/her chin and jaw line?

A: Yes, there is a great surgical option that is popular with both men and women: chin augmentation. It’s a common misconception that men won’t have cosmetic surgery, but the truth is, we have performed this surgery on many men who were unhappy with their profile. A strong jawline is considered by many to be a sign of masculinity, so it is no surprise that this surgery is very in-demand among men.

During a chin augmentation, or “chin implant” procedure, the cosmetic or facial plastic surgeon inserts a silicone implant into the tissue on the front of the jawbone. The scar is very small and barely noticeable once healed. A chin augmentation is often done in conjunction with liposuction (Smartlipo) of the neck to provide the best definition and contouring. This is especially helpful in men who tend to hold fat deposits in this area.

A chin augmentation is a fairly quick procedure, usually completed in about 45 minutes, and can be done under local anesthesia with light sedation. Your husband can expect some mild discomfort and swelling afterward, but he should be able to resume normal activities within a few days. Results are visible immediately and are permanent but reversible if desired.

A chin augmentation provides a lasting, transformative effect on the face, and on your self-esteem. Our patients find that they feel increased confidence at work and at home—not to mention in family photographs!

If you would like to learn more about chin augmentation, or to schedule a free personal consultation, please call Southern Surgical Arts at 423-266-3331. Our award-winning, board-certified cosmetic surgeons would be happy to address all your questions and concerns. In the meantime, you can view some of our chin augmentation before and after photos in our gallery.

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