Summer’s Over—It’s Time to Rejuvenate!

Fall is finally here! We hope you had a good summer, with all the water sports, beach time, camping, theme parks, staycations, and outdoor activities your heart desired. We certainly enjoyed all the time spent with friends and family under the summer sun! Now we’re looking forward to fall for completely different reasons.

First, cooler temperatures will be a welcome change after all the heat and humidity. And the holiday season is always something to look forward to. (We can’t be the only ones ready for turkey and pumpkin pie!) Plus, fall is one of our favorite seasons for beauty!

While it may be hard to let go of long, sun-soaked days, fall is actually a great time to recover from any summer sun damage and to schedule some popular beauty treatments and procedures. We list some of our favorites, and why, below:

Procedures where compression garments are required. Procedures such as tummy tucks, liposuction, breast lift, augmentation or implant exchange, or vein treatments, usually require the use of compression garments post-op. These garments are wonderful for providing support and comfort and allowing the surgical site to heal properly. However, due to the thick material and close fit, they are not necessarily going to be your favorite accessory in the steamy months of summer! Scheduling your procedure between November and March is a great idea as you will be able to heal in cool comfort, plus hide any telltale signs under your winter wardrobe. You’ll also have plenty of time to allow post-surgical swelling to fade before you’re back in your short-shorts, halter tops and swimsuits!

IPL and laser skin treatments. Timing is everything! We love to perform these procedures in the fall and winter months because it’s a great time to repair summer sun and wind damage. Plus, it is harder to schedule these during the non-stop sunshine because patients have to curtail their summer activities to allow their skin time to heal. During the colder months, there’s fewer daylight hours and fewer outdoor activities. That makes fall and winter a great time to get your skin glowing!

Reduced sun exposure makes fall a great time to heal from a tattoo-removal procedure with Picosure, but it’s also a great time to remove tattoos you can see in summer months because people won’t see you’re gradually-fading artwork when it’s hidden under your winter layers.

Laser hair reduction. It may seem counter-intuitive to schedule laser hair reduction during months your legs and bikini area will be hidden but it’s actually exactly the right time. Starting in the fall allows you to have a series of treatment before swimsuit season, meaning you will see a dramatic difference in the amount of body hair once spring is here. And, laser hair removal is more effective on skin that isn’t tanned, making now a good time to get your laser on.

Don’t forget: holiday time off. Our patients love to schedule procedures around a holiday so they can take advantage of the extra days off employers give at holidays, without having to burn through extra vacation time. It’s a great way to build in time to recover from your procedure and make the most of your time off at the same time. Best of all, you’ll start the New Year with a refreshed, rejuvenated appearance!

We’d love to talk to you about post-summer rejuvenation! Please call us at 423-266-3331 for a free personal consultation. We’ll help you determine your best options for fall pampering that will leave you glowing for the holiday season and beyond.

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