10 Reasons to Choose “Skin Pens”

Looking at a “skin pen,” you might not realize that such a small device could pack such a powerful punch. Nicknamed “skin pen” due to their close resemblance to a writing instrument, the MesoPen and Dermapen are micro-needling devices that rejuvenate skin by creating microscopic holes that trigger the skin’s natural healing mechanism and collagen production.

Keep reading to learn our top 10 reasons to choose a skin pen procedure!

Multi-use. Micro-needling devices are ideal for facial work, but can be used elsewhere on the body, including the delicate skin on the hands and neck.

Soften stretch marks. While there is no treatment that can completely eliminate stretch marks, skin pens can dramatically improve the texture of stretch marks, as well as fade and flatten them.

Improve texture of skin on chest. Years of sun damage can take a toll on the skin of your chest, contributing to a “leathery” appearance. Dermapen and MesoPen can improve the texture of your skin, smoothing and replacing damaged skin cells with healthy, new ones.

Reduce acne scars. Years after your acne is a thing of the past, scarring may linger. Dermapen and MesoPen provide outstanding results in fading and eliminating these scars.

Turn back the clock on aging hands. Due to thin skin, aging, and genetics, your hands may look years older than the rest of you. A skin pen treatment will boost collagen and elastin production, resulting in smoother, rejuvenated, and younger-looking hands.

Tightens skin. The skin pen procedure will induce tightening of the skin, smoothing out lines and wrinkles, including crow’s feet and fine lines around the mouth and on the neck.

Appropriate for all skin tones and types. Because the skin pen harnesses the healing power of your own skin’s natural defenses, you don’t have to worry about pigmentation problems.

Boost the benefits of topical treatments. The MesoPen penetrates more deeply and evenly than the DermaPen, so your aesthetician may elect to use it in conjunction with topical serums. This boosts the efficacy of both the topical and the skin pen procedure, by allowing the serums to penetrate deep into the skin.

Minimal discomfort. Your skin will be prepped with a numbing cream to ensure you are comfortable during the procedure. After your treatment, your skin may feel flushed and sensitive for a few hours.

Little to no downtime. You may experience a little reddening for a day or two, but you can get back to your normal routine immediately.

After years of seeing the dramatically beautiful results for themselves, our aestheticians can’t praise the Dermapen and MesoPen highly enough! If you’d like to see how a micro-needling procedure can transform your skin’s texture and appearance, please call Southern Surgical Arts at 423-266-3331 to schedule an appointment.

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