Weight Gain

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It’s one of the most dreaded side effects of male aging – developing the “spare tire” or “pot belly.” It can be frustrating when, despite routine workouts and limited alcoholic intake, once-washboard (or at least flatter) abs turn into flab.

While body changes are inevitable with age, it is important to understand the naturally-occurring factors that contribute to mid-life weight gain and how they may be mitigated with professional support and guidance.

The main cause of such weight gain is a steady decline of the dominant male hormone testosterone which begins in your early 30’s.

Testosterone is what physiologically allows men to accrue more muscle mass than women, creating the perfect mechanism for maintaining a metabolism that is highly efficient in burning calories. With less production of this key male hormone, muscle mass decreases, in turn lowering your metabolic rate, so that fewer calories are burned even when performing the same activities as you did in your 20’s.

Hormonal imbalance also involves decreased estradiol.

With the increase of both estradiol and testosterone, men often experience irritability, anxiety, depression, fatigue and a decrease in libido – all of which exacerbate a lack of interest in exercise, poor nutritional habits, more alcohol intake, and ultimately, a bigger belly.

Middle-aged men will typically net weight gain of 2-3 lbs. until age 60, an accumulation that affects more than their waistlines. Studies show abdominal fat is directly linked to high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease.

Additional studies reveal even serious athletes can’t avoid mid-section weight gain but with a slight increase in cardio exercise and strength training you can improve your metabolic rate, reduce abdominal fat and the risk of associated health problems.

Whatever your weight concern, be it a recent development or several years in the making, our certified LIFE experts will help you find effective solutions. Through hormone replacement therapy, supplements, and personalized and comprehensive nutritional and fitness support plans, you can restore the right balance for your body and mind to achieve optimum health and wellness.