Weight Issues

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Maybe you’ve struggled with losing weight for years, tried everything you possibly can and still find the number on the scale won’t budge. Or perhaps your weight has suddenly increased for no (apparent) reason. While it may seem like a mystery, most likely some form of hormonal imbalance is at play.

Some women in their late 30’s and early 40’s gain weight for the first time in their lives. Despite regular exercise and little to no change in their eating habits, their body shape changes as extra fat starts collecting around their hips, abdomen or shoulders. Most likely, they are entering peri-menopause or full menopause when levels of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and other hormones shift, causing an imbalance in the system. Other symptoms, including mood changes, disruptions in their sleep and sex life, usually emerge as well.

Stress, fatigue, and insomnia can also facilitate weight gain.

As cortisol levels increase (the “fight or flight” chemical released by the body to help you handle stressful situations) the body stores fat. Consistent stress, anxiety, fatigue and insomnia over a period of time will pack on the pounds. Depression that triggers emotional overeating, or poor nutrition in general (choosing foods lacking healthy fats or fiber) and constant “dieting” will have the same result. Sometimes conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome or hypothyroidism and various medications like anti-depressants and steroids affect body weight, too.

Whatever your struggle, you are not alone.

Our certified Life professionals will help you find solutions. Through hormone replacement therapy, supplements, and personalized, comprehensive nutritional and fitness support plans, you can restore the right balance for your body and mind to achieve optimum health and wellness.