Skin Conditions

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Patients who suffer from various skin conditions lead the demand for specialized skin treatments and Southern Surgical Arts is available to meet their needs with a wide array of skin treatments that rejuvenate the skin, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, adding fullness to the face and restore consistent skin tone, color and texture.

Our licensed aestheticians listen carefully to individual concerns and provide therapeutic solutions to achieve each patient’s aesthetic goals. Some of skin conditions Southern Surgical Arts treats include:


Acne can be treated with a variety of procedures. We treat acne at Southern Surgical Arts with different types of chemical peels, light therapy, facial extractions and at-home skincare. Our licensed aestheticians can customize your treatment for optimal results.


Once a wound has healed, the protective scar remains. Southern Surgical Arts has several effective treatments that to reduce the appearance of scars.


The telltale redness of Rosacea can be increasingly disruptive as patients age. Southern Surgical Arts offers several very effective treatments that help to keep it under control.

Spider or Bulging Veins

Are you bothered by spidery veins on your face, hands or feet? Or bulging veins on your hands or feet? These can often be treated using non-invasive laser therapy, radio frequency treatments or sclerotherapy injections to reduce vein appearance with little down time.

Vascular (Red) Lesions

These problematic vascular lesions can be rather distracting and bothersome. Southern Surgical Arts offers several very effective treatment options.

Pigmented (Brown) Lesions

Brown skin discoloration caused by high concentrations of melanin can represent a cancer risk and should not be left unchecked. Consult with one of the cosmetic surgeons at Southern Surgical Arts to determine which treatment is best for you.

Sun Damage

For those of us who have spent many afternoons soaking up the sun’s rays, we may suffer the consequences of prematurely aging skin and sun spots. Southern Surgical Arts can help you restore your skin’s youthful appearance.

Tattoo Removal

With the introduction of Picosure, tattoo removal is now much less painful and costly than ever before. This aesthetic laser shatters the ink into minute particles that are absorbed into the body. Picosure is most effective on light-skinned patients who have black, blue, green or purple tattoos. Get a clean slate with the help of Picosure.


The discoloration caused by this common facial condition can make patients feel self-conscious. Here at Southern Surgical Arts, we offer a variety of treatments and skin care products that help reduce melasma symptoms.