Inverted Nipple Correction

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Inverted nipples are an anatomical condition that occurs in both men and women. An inverted nipple may appear flat, rather than protruding outward, or it may appear indented.

This can occur in both breasts, or just one. In some individuals, inverted nipples do protrude outward when erect. If your inverted nipples make you feel self-conscious, you can have surgery to correct them.

Usually, inversion is congenital—something you’re born with. It occurs naturally due to unusually short milk ducts that hold the nipple back. Inverted nipples can also result from prior breast surgery, breastfeeding, inflammation or infection in the milk ducts, or a previous breast injury. Sometimes this condition occurs following pregnancy.

This corrective surgery can also help make your nipples and breasts appear more symmetrical.

Inverted nipple surgery enables your nipples to protrude naturally. There are also surgical procedures that can reduce large or elongated nipples. Reduction or repositioning of the nipple and areola may be necessary as part of breast lift or reduction surgery.

About the Procedure

The procedure takes about 30 minutes per nipple.

Inverted nipple repair is performed as outpatient surgery. You will be given a local anesthetic, and you may choose light sedation as well. Your surgeon will make an incision at the base of the nipple, to release shortened milk ducts or scar tissue. Sutures will be placed under the nipple to hold it in its new, permanently out position.

You may have minor discomfort and some swelling or bruising afterward, but no pain. You shouldn’t have any downtime, however, your surgeon will want to leave the sutures in place for several weeks, to allow for full internal scarring. (This helps your nipples retain their new position.) During this time, you should avoid heavy lifting.

Nipple repair can also be performed in conjunction with other breast surgeries or at the same time as some other type of cosmetic surgery. In fact, many women who are initially interested in improving their inverted nipples also elect to have breast augmentation surgery. In some cases, breast implants push the nipples outward naturally, eliminating the need for nipple repair.

Before and After Photos

Who is a Good Candidate?

Women and men of any age can undergo inverted nipple surgery, as long as you are old enough that your breasts have stopped growing. It is important to note that this surgery can prevent you from breastfeeding in the future, or make it more difficult.

How Much Does it Cost?

Inverted nipple correction at Southern Surgical Arts begins at $3,000. A complimentary consultation with your surgeon can determine whether a breast augmentation along with an inverted nipple correction may be the best option for you. Your quote will include the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia and/or sedation costs, facility fee for the surgical center, and all routine follow-up visits.