Beauty and the Budget

Southern Surgical Arts is 100% committed to delivering excellence in cosmetic surgery for men and women. Our Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeons Dr. Deal and Dr. Nease, specialize in aesthetically pleasing cosmetic and facial plastic surgery, and natural enhancements accompanied with modest recovery periods and minimal scarring. Southern Surgical Arts is devoted to helping people ‘age gracefully’ by using up-to-date surgical techniques, state-of-art technology, and offering affordable options for the budget conscious.

Cosmetic surgery is a rapidly growing industry with more and more Americans wanting to look as good as they feel. This includes surgical and non-surgical procedures. High demand is driven by the fact that the antiquated stigma associated with cosmetic surgery has declined, the significance in looking good and feeling your best in our youth-focused society is progressively increasing, and competition in the workplace has pushed older workers to seek an edge in the job market.

Cosmetic procedures aren’t restricted to the wealthy any longer. Beauty can be found on any budget, and there’s no longer a need to wait until you’ve saved money. There are many affordable procedures and financing options in today’s cosmetic surgery market. Some cosmetic surgery centers even offer bundling packages for a flat fee combining several services and procedures. Equally, it’s important to weigh the cost-to-benefits options with your surgeon, and find out what’s really worth the spend for you. For example, rather than a full surgical face lift, perhaps consider an alternative like a visit to the Medspa which offers Botox injections for brow furrows and frown lines, or for fuller lips, dermal fillers. Also, for those stubborn acne marks chemical peels can deliver great results. Communication is key when discussing cosmetic surgery, and deciding on what options work best for you. Dr. Deal and Dr. Nease actively listen to your cosmetic surgery goals, and will help determine the best solutions to accommodate your needs and suit your budget.

Additionally, Southern Surgical Arts offers great financing solutions to quickly get you on the road to beauty. Southern Surgical Arts makes beauty come easy with CareCredit and Glamour Credit. CareCredit works like a typical credit card, and sets up a monthly payment plan allowing you to make payments on procedures and services over time. CareCredit is designed for health and beauty purchases only. The card can be used for beauty procedures as mentioned above, in addition to liposuction, laser treatments, and much more. GlamourCredit financing works similarly, but allows you to choose between short or long term financing options. For more details and information on services, procedures, or financing please visit

Finding the most qualified cosmetic surgeon is as important as selecting the right procedure. Cosmetic surgery is a serious commitment, and there are many questions to consider when seeking the right surgeon and facility. Keep these four simple suggestions in mind when researching surgeons and facilities. (1) Find out if the surgeon of interest is board-certified in their practicing specialty. It is essential that the surgeon under consideration be board-certified in cosmetic plastic surgery. (2) Ask if the facility they operate in is accredited. Consider researching the facility on the Joint Commission’s website AAAHC and AAAASF: Mon Nov 5 18:05:35 2012″>at, or, and These sites offer a wealth of information on accreditation, certification, standards, and measurements. Facilities should maintain high standards in providing outstanding service and exceptional cleanliness. (3) Ask how many procedures the surgeon performs each year that you’re desiring. (4) Finally, ask to see the surgeon’s portfolio of clients and check references. Many doctor’s have patient portfolios on their websites, and generously give references.

The next time you think beauty is beyond your budget, know that you have options to get look and feel better. Southern Surgical Arts has been selected Best of the Best Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons for the past 4 years in Chattanooga and North Georgia. Call for more information or to make a complimentary consultation.

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