Botox…for Migraines?

You may think of cosmetic surgeons as your lifeline to a more beautiful “you”—but did you know some qualified surgeons are also a source of relief for those who experience chronic migraine headaches?

If you suffer from chronic migraines, you know the pain and frustration of how these intense, debilitating headaches can negatively affect every area of your life. Because of the extreme physical discomfort caused by migraines, chances are that your work and home life have been greatly impacted at one point or another. If medications and lifestyle changes haven’t brought you relief, you might want to seek help from an unexpected source—Botox®. Studies have found that both the frequency and severity of the migraine headache can be reduced by 50% as a result of Botox therapy.

Botox treatment is FDA-approved for adults over 18 years of age who suffer from chronic migraines for 4 or more hours each day, for 15 or more days each month. If you haven’t found relief through medication and lifestyle changes, you may want to consider discussing Botox treatment with either Dr. Deal or Dr. Nease at Southern Surgical Arts.

If you are a candidate for this treatment, your cosmetic surgeon will administer several Botox injections in several specific areas of your face and/or neck based on your symptoms. Results are expected to last for about 3-4 months.

If you or someone you love suffers from chronic migraines, please contact Southern Surgical Arts at 423-266-3331 to learn more about the benefits of Botox treatment.

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