California Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Meeting

Last weekend, I attended the annual CACS meeting in San Diego and met with some of the most influential cosmetic surgeons in the country, including the current presidents of the CACS and AACS. We discussed several topics, including the latest technology available for body contouring, including laser liposuction and the newest treatment for cellulite called the TriActive laser by Cynosure. I was so impressed with the TriActive laser that I bought one there at the meeting! We are beginning treatment with it next week after some staff training. I plan to use it for not only new patients but to improve the results of Smartlipo laser body contouring as well, particularly on the buttocks and back of the thighs. The improvements in the dimpling of the skin are really remarkable, and I expect it to be in high demand right away.

We also discussed my currently ongoing laser facelift study, and several other surgeons may be including some of their patients in the study to increase the overall number of participants. The combination of the two lasers (the Smartlipo MPX and Affirm CO2 fractionated laser) has been impressive so far, and we have enrolled about 10 patients, with plans for a total of 25 at my office. The key benefits are reduced down time (less than a week) and no scars!

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