Celebrity Breast Augmentation – Fake or Natural?

We recently came across an article about celebrity breast augmentations. The slideshow goes through before and after pictures of celebrities in which surgeons speculate on the good, bad and ugly breast augmentations.

There is a recent trend to look more natural, even in Hollywood. Although some women choose to have very large implants and actually ask for the “fake look,” most women are not and we agree with this. “This is true in my practice as well,” said Dr. Deal. “Most women want enhancement, but not at the cost of losing a natural look. While in training in Las Vegas during my Cosmetic Surgery fellowship, their were still some who preferred a larger size but even in that culture, the trend was apparent. Natural is in, and we couldn’t agree more. Now that I practice in the South, very few women are asking for breast enhancement that doesn’t fit their frame.”

At Southern Surgical Arts, Dr. Nease and Dr. Deal specialize in naturally youthful results, minimal, well-hidden scars and quick recovery. Procedures are all done in a AAAHC state-of-the-art surgery center in a comfortable, pampering, and private environment with an experienced, compassionate staff. Dr. Nease and Dr. Deal are on staff at several area hospitals and focus on, not only your aesthetic outcome, but also on your safety and well-being. Let us know if we can help you enhance your natural beauty.

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