Choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon with an Artist’s Touch

Cosmetic surgery is more than just a science and a steady hand; every patient is different, and the surgeon must have an artistic eye to work with a person’s existing features to create a natural looking result. At Southern Surgical Arts in Chattanooga, their board-certified cosmetic surgeons bring a natural artistry to their craft to ultimately achieve results that look like the person they’re operating on. As Dr. Carey Nease explains it, clients tell them that “I still want to look like me — just younger.”

This quality is more important now than ever. At some point, Dr. Nease explains, it was desirable to look like you had plastic surgery. As you might be able to guess, the opposite is true now.

Achieving a natural look

Chattanooga cosmetic surgeon Dr. Carey Nease, explains that advancements in techniques and technology have provided the tools to produce more natural results with smaller scars and a faster recovery. One major discovery was that, with aging, there is more deflation as opposed to drooping of skin. Prior to this realization, surgeons were trained to pull skin and remove fat from the face; thus producing tight, “plastic” looks that produced an unnatural, wind-tunnel pulled look for the face lift patient. By instead using fat transfer and volume addition, along with skin rejuvenation lasers, the Chattanooga cosmetic surgeons are able to achieve outstanding results by carefully preserving their patients’ overall look; all while bringing out their beauty and youth from years past.

Both Dr. Nease and Dr. Chad Deal have a high level of skill and technical knowledge to produce outstanding results; they are triple and double board-certified, respectively. However, it’s their pursuit of excellent customer service and satisfaction that makes Southern Surgical Arts a premier cosmetic surgery practice and an industry leader.

Building a relationship of trust

The staff members at Southern Surgical Arts are always communicating and listening to the hopes and concerns of their patients at every stage of the process. Giving clients as much information as possible is a major priority; for instance, they’re upfront about the costs of the total procedure as opposed to other facilities which may only quote their surgeon’s fees to make the deal seem more enticing. They also help patients know what results they can expect to receive and are very transparent about their work; all models that appear on their website are clients of Southern Surgical Arts, and the before and after photographs are not retouched in Photoshop — a claim many cosmetic surgeons cannot make themselves.

The skill and professionalism of Dr. Nease and Dr. Chad Deal has earned the Chattanooga cosmetic surgeons wide recognition; both were voted among the nation’s top plastic and cosmetic surgeons for 2011 and Best of the Best Cosmetic Surgeon and practice since 2009 in the Chattanooga area.

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