Benefits of Combining Skin Care with Facial Rejuvenation

Posted by Southern Surgical Arts on Jan 4, 2018 10:16:41 AM

When the telltale signs of aging seem to emerge overnight, many women opt for a facelift – no doubt a game changer in the quest for youth and beauty. Since it typically includes lifting sagging skin of the cheeks, neck, and jawline, the effects are fantastic and dramatic. But to really reverse the footprints of Father Time, you need complete facial rejuvenation, and Southern Surgical Arts offers the best options in the business.

Along with your facelift, enhancements such as laser therapy, fillers, chemical peels, and fat grafting are equally essential in successfully achieving tight, glowing, youthful skin. Think of it like this: if lifting your face is setting up the frame work of a beautiful new home, resurfacing your skin’s texture and tone are like the paint and landscape you need to take that home from being simply lovely to something exquisite. “A facelift will get rid of excess skin in the neck and the jowls (jawline), but if you have forehead wrinkles around your eyes or have lip lines, the surgical procedure doesn’t fix that. You have to do other things like Botox, laser treatments, chemical peels, or fillers like Restalyne and Juvederm,” says reknowned facial plastic and cosmetic surgeon, Carey Nease, MD.

Between the expertise of Dr. Nease, a knowledgeable team of aestheticians, and three million dollars’ worth of state of the art laser technology, SSA offers more solutions for facial rejuvenation than anywhere in town. Whether you want to reverse sun damage, decrease fine lines and wrinkles, eradicate pigmentation, or remove redness there is an effective laser treatment – or combination of them – available to you. “We have four different lasers for skin rejuvenation based on skin type. Are you darker skinned? Lighter skinned? How much sun damage have you had? We can address anything,” says Dr. Nease, who also recommends the carbon dioxide, or CO2, laser for tightening skin.

Often these procedures occur in the operating room in combination with your facelift surgery. The face lift can be combined with an eye lift and brow lift, and even fat grafting, which involves harvesting fat from another part of your body such as your thighs. It is then used to round out the cheek area or fill in the “tear trough” or space under the eye, creating a softer, more full appearance where sallow, loose skin and sharp angles used to be. “The typical “package” is a facelift, eye lift, laser resurfacing with a CO2 (skin-tightening) laser, and fat grafting – that’s the most common – but it’s very customizable,” says Dr. Nease, whose average age patient is in their late 50’s or early 60’s. Though there is no magic age for addressing cosmetic concerns, there are indicators of whether doing so is a good idea. ‘It doesn’t matter if you’re 45 or 75. If you’re in good health, it may be appropriate to do it – before you develop health problems or any problems with healing, which often come with age. Health is more of a determining factor than age,” he says.

Total facial rejuvenation, which includes both surgical and laser therapy procedures, typically takes about three hours. It is performed as an outpatient procedure, allowing you to go home the same day for a comfortable recovery that is usually complete in one to two weeks.

If you feel a facelift and rejuvenation treatment is right for you, contact Southern Surgical Arts for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Nease at 423-266-3331.

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