Considering Cosmetic Surgery? Get the Photos

When it comes to having your face or body surgically enhanced it’s important to remember that all cosmetic surgeons are not created equal.

What does that mean?
Even though your surgeon may have the degree and the necessary credentials, it does not necessarily mean he has the skill, technique, equipment or artistry to give you the results you desire. That is why seeing photographic evidence of his surgical outcomes is so important.

The Proof is in the Pictures
A cosmetic surgeon’s before and after picture gallery is an invaluable tool for a patient to use when researching a potential surgeon. A qualified cosmetic surgeon will readily share pictures with you—unretouched, real photos of real patients. And not just 2-3 of his best results, but dozens of them, so you can get a feel not only for his artistry but his consistency.

Another advantage of seeing hundreds of before and after photos is that is illustrates the experience the surgeon has with your particular procedure, and it also increases the chance you will find a “before” patient who looks similar to you or has a similar issue—and you can then see an outcome that may be similar to yours.

Southern Surgical Arts provides more before and after photos on our website than most cosmetic surgeons, and more than any surgeons in our region. We do this primarily because we know these photos are helpful to our patients in their decision-making. But we also do it because we are proud of the level of artistry and skill that we bring to each procedure. We feel the results speak for themselves.

Real Photos…or Red Flags?
When interviewing a cosmetic surgeon and viewing their photo gallery, be sure to ask them if the pictures have been altered or Photoshopped. If the answer is yes, or if they are evasive in their answer, this is cause for concern. A good outcome requires no retouching, and further, retouching photos misleads the patient about the results they can realistically expect.

At Southern Surgical Arts, our number one goal is patient satisfaction. That means not promising more than we can deliver, and not misleading patients. Our photos are 100% natural and unaltered. Dr. Carey Nease and Dr. Chad Deal have performed thousands of successful cosmetic surgical procedures, and this experience is evident in the before and after photos.

If you are considering a surgical procedure, we invite you to check out our before and after gallery. Our database is easy to navigate by the type of procedure, and we offer hundreds of photos for your perusal.

Our board-certified, award-winning cosmetic surgeons welcome the chance to discuss our gallery with you. Please call 423-266-3331 to set up a complimentary personal consultation.

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