Cosmetic Plastic Surgery on the Rise for Baby Boomers in the US

In 2011, more than 1.6 million Americans elected to undergo cosmetic surgery, also known as plastic surgery, while upwards of 8 million opted for nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, according to the Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. And it’s not just young Hollywood starlets looking to augment their chests and Botox away hardly noticeable lines around the eyes and mouth. The New York Times recently ran an article about men and women in their golden years who are getting a new lease on life, primarily by re-sculpting their eyes, a procedure that the American Society of Plastic Surgeons ranked the fourth most popular cosmetic surgery in the U.S.

About Cosmetic Eye and Brow Lifts

Eyelid surgery, also called blepharoplasty, is a very safe procedure that eliminates saggy, droopy eyelids and under-eye bags. With an average recovery time of just three to four days, it’s one of the most rewarding procedures offered by Dr. Carey Nease and Dr. Chad Deal, both board certified cosmetic surgeons at Southern Surgical Arts in Tennessee and North Georgia.

Eyelid surgery with a brow lift is a minor surgical procedure. Patients are treated with local anesthesia and minimal sedation at Southern Surgical Arts’ on-site operating room. By augmenting this procedure with a non-surgical chemical peel, laser resurfacing treatment or fat transfer, patients can experience a strikingly rejuvenated appearance.

In 2004, body image expert, Roberta Honigman, found that most people are satisfied with cosmetic sugery procedures and that surgeons regularly report high satisfaction rates among their patients. “A positive change in physical appearance for the patient will lead to an improvement in their psychological well-being, including their self-confidence and self-esteem,” reports Honigman in her review of cosmetic surgery outcomes. One of Southern Surgical Arts’ patients, Vicky, said this about her confidence, “I wanted to improve a few things that were bothering me for a very long time. Now, I feel less self-conscious, and more confident. I am very happy with my results.”

Who Should Get An Eye and Brow Lift Surgery?

A blepharoplasty is appropriate for both men and women. While the best ages for the procedure is from 30 to 65, folks tend to really notice excess skin and the loss of fat in the cheeks and an abundance fat around the eyes starting at age 50. As we age, our eyelids stretch and muscles supporting eyelids weaken. Extra fat also tends to gather on top and below the eyelids, resulting in sagging eyebrows, upper eyelids that droop and unappealing bags beneath the eyes. While these changes are a normal part of aging, not only can it add 10 or 15 years to your appearance, but it can also interfere with vision.

Complementary Procedures

An eye and brow lift is just one procedure that can set you on your way to a more satisfying reflection. Laser skin resurfacing reduces wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and mouth, eliminates acne scars and lesions, redness, veins and blemishes like liver spots, freckles and other signs of aging. Laser resurfacing also stimulates collagen fiber growth, which will rejuvenate your appearance, making your face look fuller, healthier and more youthful. For patients with a sunken appearance, a fat transfer to the face, also known as fat injections, offers long-lasting, natural-looking results.

About Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is a non-invasive, on-site procedure that Dr. Nease and Dr. Deal can perform once or twice a year. Patients have the option of microdermabrasion, vibradermabrasion, or alternating the two treatments, which together work to abolish the damaged outer layers of skin.

About Microdermabrasion and Vibraderm

Microdermabrasion uses micro-crystals to “sandblast” the outer layers of skin using a pressurized vacuum. The newer, more technologically advanced vibradermabrasion also performs intense exfoliation treatments and may have fewer side effects for some. Vibradermabrasion is performed using paddles textured with stainless steel that vibrate against the skin and remove the outer layer without leaving behind residue. Both exfoliation procedures lead to increased collagen growth and cell-turnover.

About Fat Transfer to the Face

Another characteristic of aging is loss of volume in the cheeks, resulting in a sunken, concaved appearance. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that fat is one of the most tolerated fillers your cosmetic surgeon can use. Plus, it is one of the safest, most effective fillers around. Fat injections will change the contour of your face and even reduce the appearance of scars and diminish signs of aging.

Fat injections are a type of minimally invasive cosmetic surgery that is done by harvesting fat from another area of your body using a special instrument, such as the abdomen or thighs. After impurities are removed, the fat is injected using a syringe. It could take a few appointments to get the effect you desire. If you’re interested in getting more information about the various cosmetic surgery procedures offered at Southern Surgical Arts, schedule a consultation with either Carey Nease, MD, or Chad Deal, MD, right now. For your convenience, they have offices in Chattanooga, TN and Calhoun, GA. In-office or Skype patient consultations are available free of charge.


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