Cosmetic Surgery by Body Type

Posted by Southern Surgical Arts on May 29, 2017 12:33:00 PM

We see women of all shapes and sizes every day at Southern Surgical Arts. And while you can’t place every shape into a neat category, some of the most common body types that we see are the Hourglass, Rectangle, Pear, and Apple. Patients in each shape category have their own individual beauty concerns, but we have noticed some trends that are common to each type.

The Hourglass

Famous Hourglass Women: Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Vergara, and Scarlet Johansson

Considered by some to be the ideal body shape, hourglass women still have features that they would like to maintain or improve as aging and pregnancy impact the body. We frequently perform breast lifts and augmentations to help our hourglass patients maintain their signature curves. Many women will request a Mommy Makeover after they’re done having children to return to their pre-baby, “bombshell” shapes.

The Rectangle

Famous Rectangle Women: Taylor Swift, Nicole Kidman, Keira Knightley, and Bella Thorne

You can tell a Rectangle shape by the long, lean lines of their figures, with shoulders, bustline, and hips of the same width. While Taylor and Nicole’s figures may be the envy of many women, we frequently see Rectangles who want to add a little more shape to their silhouettes. For these women, we typically recommend breast implants in a size appropriate to their bone structure. Some rectangles are interested in a Brazilian Butt Lift, but will have to have sufficient body fat elsewhere to be harvested and transferred to the backside.

The Pear

Famous Pear-Shaped Women: Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Rachel Bilson

You may not be able to easily identify a Pear shape, and that’s because push-up bras and careful dressing can add volume on top that creates the impression of an hourglass. And if the Pear is petite, such as Rachel Bilson, you may only be able to identify her Pear characteristics in a swimsuit. Generally speaking, however, Pears tend to have average shoulders, smaller breasts, tiny waists, and are widest through the hips and bottom. We see many pears who wish to even out their figures with breast augmentation, liposuction to reduce saddlebags, and cellulite treatments.

The Apple

Apple figures tend to carry weight around the waist, with slim arms and legs. Apples enjoy their trim limbs, but frequently want to slim down their waistlines with liposuction or SculpSure and possibly a Tummy Tuck after childbirth, and add curves with breast implants and Brazilian Butt Lifts. Apple types are usually good candidates for the Brazilian Butt Lift because they are likely to have excess fat around the waist that can be transferred to add curves to their derrieres. In some cases, our surgeons may discover that intraabdominal fat is present, which cannot be removed by cosmetic surgery. Those patients will be referred to Life, our wellness center.

One thing we know for certain, for every flaw you perceive in your shape, there is someone else who will happily trade places with you. Each body shape has beautiful features to be appreciated, so enjoy the assets you’ve got, and we can help you make the most of the rest! If you’d like to learn more about using cosmetic surgery to balance out your body type, please call us at 423-266-3331 for a free, personalized consultation.

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