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Fat TransferLook as young as you Feel
Fat transfer before photo
Fat transfer after photo

The Look Of Your Face

Our face is often the most distinguishing part of us; what sets us apart from every other person on earth. Enhancing the natural beauty of the face and creating a youthful appearance is the purpose of facial cosmetic surgery. Whether by aging or simply structural changes over time, a person's unique facial composition can obtain an appearance that is unsatisfying to them. As we age, the facial volume decreases over time in all areas of the face; slight in some, and quite a lot in others. How people perceive us when they see our face is outside of our control, as many of us have no way to change those facial features on our own.  The overall deflation of the face contributes significantly to the aged look.  Adding volume is key to creating a naturally youthful appearance.

How fat transfer can significantly improve your appearance and youth of your face

Fat transfer, otherwise known as facial fat grafting, is a highly successful procedure we use for cheek, brow and lip augmentation and overall facial improvement. Fat is harvested through a super “mini” liposuction, so to speak, from different areas of the body including the abdomen, lateral thighs or knees and then processed and transferred to the face resulting in a more full and youthful face. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and/or light IV Sedation and recovery time is usually only a few days.  There should be little to no pain with fat transfer procedure and there are no scars.

Our Surgeons

Even as much as one's own expectations, facial structure, and situational factors, which surgeon you choose is one of the biggest deciding factors in moving forward with a fat transfer. A well-trained cosmetic and facial plastic surgeon will know how to use the fat to sculpt the desired areas of your face for optimal results. As fellowship-trained cosmetic surgeons certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and with Dr. Nease also certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Deal, Dr. Gardner, and Dr. Nease have more than eleven combined years of experience performing this procedure. Take a look at our before and after gallery to see how they can help you achieve similar results.

Who Is A Good Candidate?

  • Women and Men
  • Age 18 to 65 (or older if you are healthy)
  • Non-smokers
  • Generally in good health
  • Desires more youthful face

How Much Does It Cost?

Our fat transfer procedures begin at about $2,000 and can go up to about $5,000. Your all-inclusive quote will cover the surgeon's fee, anesthesia costs, the facility fee for the operating room, and any supplies that may be needed. Post-operative visits are also included in the total price.

State-of-the-Art Surgery Centers

At Southern Surgical Arts, we perform all of our procedures in several accredited, state-of-the-art facilities. In Chattanooga's Southside is SSA's newest state-of-the-art surgical suite, luxurious office and MedSpa.  In Calhoun, GA, is SSA's first location and surgical facility. We also operate at Physician’s Surgery Center near Parkridge East Hospital in Chattanooga.

We consult with patients, before and after surgery, in both our Calhoun and Chattanooga offices.

With three surgical center options, we can arrange to perform your procedure in the location that is most convenient for you. In every office, our highly trained and specialized staff provides you the safety, privacy, comfort and expertise you deserve.

We invite you in for a complimentary consultation with either Dr. Deal, Dr. Gardner, or Dr. Nease. Together, we’ll explore your aesthetic goals and work toward revealing your own natural beauty.