Fat Transfer? – Cosmetic Surgery at Southern Surgical Arts

Have you considered fillers for your face? It’s a great short-term option. But what about Fat Transfer which lasts approximately five years? In a recent article found on American Health and Beauty, a New York surgeon talks on the Rachel Ray show about Fat Transfer. Dr. Nease and Dr. Deal perform Fat Transfer using Smart Liposuction or traditional Liposuction on a weekly basis at Southern Surgical Arts. “Fat Transfer is often preferred by patients because we use a patient’s own fat to provide fullness to the face,” Dr. Deal noted. “It also costs less over time than traditional fillers.” A basic financial analysis shows that spending approximately $2,000 on Fat Transfer to the mid-face yields a better return on investment than fillers, which are $750 per tube or $3,750 over five years.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian who have “curves” have helped the Brazilian Butt Lift gain popularity which is a “fat transfer” to the buttocks. Even the young Oscar contenders are having this procedure to obtain the desired body. This procedure also uses Smart Liposuction or traditional Liposuction to obtain fat for transferring to the Buttock. A well-trained cosmetic surgeon will know how to use the fat to sculpt the buttock to provide a patient with optimal results. Dr. Deal and Dr. Nease are Fellowship-Trained cosmetic surgeons sanctioned by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and have over seven years experience together performing this procedure. Our before and after photo gallery is a great way to see the results our patients have received from this procedure. Dr. Deal said, “This is one of my favorite procedures to perform and patients are generally ecstatic about the final result!”

So regardless if you desire Fat Transfer to the buttock or face, our surgeons are confident that this procedure will provide volume to the desired area.

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