Finding The Right Filler or Injectable in Knoxville

Finding the right injection for you is important because while many injectables and dermal fillers achieve similar results there are distinct differences in each of them – differences that may make one more beneficial than another. With their suite of dermal fillers, the experts at Southern Surgical Arts are eager to help their Knoxville clientele discover the right one for their ideal aesthetic. If you would like a personalized approach to finding the right injectable or filler for you, please schedule a consultation at our Knoxville offices. Here, we will be able to learn about your aesthetic goals as well as determine which cosmetic approach is right for you. To reach our front desk, call (423) 266-3331.

About Collagen Loss

It is important first to understand the mechanisms that cause our face’s appearance to age. Signs of aging in our face include wrinkles, fine lines, loose skin, uneven tone and texture, and loss of volume in features. There are inherited traits at play that affect our skin’s ability to weather through life, but the loss of our skin’s youthful appearance is due in large part to unprotected exposure to UV rays, a non-balanced diet, and both physical and emotional stress.[1] These factors trigger the loss of healthy collagen fibers in our skin. Collagen is a fibrous, flexible protein that exists in 70-80% of our skin.[2] When healthy collagen fibers make up our skin’s inner structure, our skin’s outward appearance is smooth, hydrated, and radiant. However, when the fibroblast cells responsible for creating new collagen slow down, our skin gradually loses its youthful glow. The existing collagen fibers weaken with age and lose their elasticity. This loss in tensile strength causes wrinkles in our skin to become permanent and loose skin to hang from various places around our visage. By the age of 50, we have lost about 30% of our natural collagen supply.[3] While many collagen supplements and creams offer to boost our body’s collagen production, many clients report zero to underwhelming results at best. That’s where Southern Surgical Artists injectable and dermal fillers enter the conversation. 

How To Decide

Juvederm Knoxville

When choosing which injectable or filler is right for you, it is important to evaluate four simple questions. These four questions will give you an idea of which one is perfect for you. Those four questions are:

  • What do I want my injectable or filler made out of?
  • What areas or conditions do I want to be treated?
  • When do I want to see results?
  • How long do I want to see these results?


Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that volumizes and enhances facial features to diminish signs of aging in your face. The key component in the Juvederm family of fillers is hyaluronic acid. This hygroscopic molecule is processed into a gel form that, when injected into the dermis layer of the skin, expands and binds with the moisture in the surrounding tissue to support the skin’s hydration and volume as well as provide structural support to the weakened collagen fibers.[4] As the gel expands subdermally, the overlying skin smooths. Wrinkles and fine lines disappear while certain facial features are volumized. 

What does Juvederm treat?

At Southern Surgical Arts, we offer three Juvederm fillers. They are individually created to address specific concerns with aging. 

  • Voluma XC is used to add volume to the cheek areas. As we age, our cheeks can lose their fullness, causing the areas to appear hollow or sunken. When injected, the Juvederm Voluma XC gel adds volume and hydration. 
  • Volbella XC is used to add volume and contour to the lips. Age-related volume loss is common for the lips. But even patients who haven’t experienced volume loss in the lips love Juvederm Volbella XC because this solution can provide anyone at any age with fuller, rounder lips. 
  • Juvederm XC is used to diminish moderate to severe wrinkles around the nose and mouth. Popularly known as smile and laugh lines, these particular wrinkles can be troublesome areas for many people – young and old. With Juvederm XC, we can soften these wrinkles’ appearance and leave you looking younger, brighter, and more radiant!

When do you see results?

Fillers Knoxville

Because the gel adds instant volume under the skin, partial results can be seen almost immediately. Over the next couple of weeks, the hyaluronic acid in the injection will also stimulate collagen production, enhancing the appearance of your results. 

How long does Juvederm last?

Because hyaluronic acid is a natural chemical found in our body, the gel is biodegradable and will be absorbed in your skin over the next six to twelve months


Sculptra is an injectable that gradually corrects deep wrinkles, fine lines, and folds in your complexion. It is made out of poly-L-lactic acid, which is a biodegradable substance that steadily boosts the body’s collagen levels. Over time, the signs of aging in your appearance will subtly fade, leaving behind a beautiful, smooth complexion. 

What does Sculptra treat?

Sculptra injections are a perfect way to add volume to the jawline, cheeks, and temples as well as diminish moderate to severe wrinkles, soften fine lines, and folds. 

When do you see results?

Sculptra treatments involve a series of injections over the course of three months. Because Sculptra naturally boosts your skin’s collagen production over time, you will begin to notice results gradually in the next couple of months. 

How long does Sculptra last?

Since poly-L-lactic acid is biodegradable, your Sculptra results will last for up to two years as the organic solution will absorb into the body. 


Radiesse is a dermal filler that contains calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHa). This substance is already naturally found in the body and, when injected into the skin, stimulates semi-dormant fibroblast cells back into production. Over time, old, weak collagen fibers are replaced with fresh neo-collagen, resulting in a fortified inner structure to your skin. This causes your skin to smooth out wrinkles, lose fine lines, and fill out stubborn folds. 

What does Radiesse treat?

Radiesse restores volume and erases signs of aging in your complexion. It is also effective at:

  • Lifting eyebrows
  • Tightening facial contours
  • Improving or eliminating acne and traumatic scars

When do you see results?

After it is injected, Radiesse goes to work revitalizing your skin’s collagen production. Over the next four to six months, you will begin to notice results. 

How long does Radiesse last?

Because Radiesse is a biodegradable substance, your skin will absorb the injection over the course of 18 months. After that time, you can come back and see us for another Radiesse session!


Made from donated human cells, Allofill is an injection of naturally occurring allograft fat tissue. While normal fat grafting to treat facial volume loss can be painful and extensive, Allofill is a simple injection that naturally restores the contours to your face lost in aging. 

What does Allofill treat?

When injected into the skin, Allofill provides a natural tissue scaffold for your skin’s inner structure, restoring any lost volume. This natural tissue will incite your body to supply your cells and blood vessels, which will bolster results even more. This injection also triggers an influx of newly produced collagen cells. 

When do you see results?

As the collagen cells replenish the depleted fibers, it can take up to three months to see noticeable volume return to your facial features. 

How long does Allofil last?

Allofill uses natural tissue to inspire new collagen and other restorative cells to rebuild the skin’s inner structure. This leads to restored volume in your facial features for up to 3 years.  


Xeomin is a neuromodulator that eases the tension in underlying muscles to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines from your complexion. Containing botulinum toxin type A, Xeomin blocks neuromuscular signals, telling the targeted muscle to relax. Since the muscle is no longer able to contract, the overlying skin is unable to fold, wrinkle, or crease. 

What does Xeomin treat?

  • Frown lines
  • Forehead lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • The “11” lines between your eyes

When do you see results?

Once the injection has been injected, you can result in as little as 4-6 days

How long does Xeomin last?

Xeomin is perfect for those looking for temporary relief to their wrinkles and fine lines because Xeomin results last between three and six months

Personal Consultation

If you are interested in learning more about which one of these can improve your appearance, please don’t hesitate to schedule a personal consultation with us today. At your consultation, we will be able to address your trouble spots and recommend which filler or injection is best for you. To reach our office directly, please call (423) 266-3331.


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