Help for Aging Hands

Many of us are very careful about our skin these days. We are constantly reminded about the importance of sunblock for preserving a youthful look and preventing skin cancer and so we slather up our faceswith expensive products.

It’s easy to forget to take the same care of our hands, at least until we start to notice the changes caused by years of sun exposure and aging.

Sun exposure causes the same damage to the skin on the back of our hands as it does elsewhere—causing brown spots and changes in texture, sometimes even leaving a leathery appearance.

Aging takes its toll as well, causing volume loss and collagen depletion. Because the skin is typically thinner on the hands, veins become more visible and “bulgy.”

Skin also loses its elasticity and may “tent,” rather than snap back immediately after being pinched.

Even young women may experience dissatisfaction with the appearance of their hands. This can be due to having a very slender frame with little fat underlying the skin to start with. Genetics can also play a role—if your mother or grandmother developed prominent veins and thin skin early on, chances are you might as well. Even beautiful Hollywood elite face the issue. Earlier this year, Sarah Jessica Parker blasted tabloid reports about her wanting cosmetic surgery to fix her “witches hands.”

Unfortunately, while sporting a beautiful manicure and jewelry can divert attention from imperfections, most desire a more dramatic result than mere distraction.

The good news is that your cosmetic surgeon can help you achieve the results you desire without surgery. The same treatments that reverse the damage of sun and time on your face are also excellent for restoring a youthful and beautiful look to your hands.

Fillers. Your cosmetic surgeon can inject hyaluronic acid fillers such as Radiesse®Volumizing Filler or Juvederm®to plump up the skin on your hands, leaving a smoother, more youthful appearance. Wrinkles will be less pronounced and your hands will look refreshed.
Fat transfer. A skilled cosmetic surgeon can “harvest”fat from places you don’t want it and inject it where you do—under the skin of your upper hands. Because you are using your own fat cells, it’s a natural solution.
Laser resurfacing. As with your face and décolletage, laser skin resurfacing done to the hands can provide you with dramatic results. Laser resurfacing can eliminate brown spots, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and tighten the skin.
Combination therapy. At Southern Surgical Arts, we have recently seen beautiful results by combining a Broadband Light Therapy™(BBL) treatment with a NanoLaserPeel™. BBL phototherapy gently removes the damaged upper layers of skin while stimulating collagen growth. The NanoPeel also precisely removes damaged skin in a manner that accelerates healing, quickens your recovery time and leaves you with refreshed and younger-looking skin.
Fillers can last around 8 months to a year, depending on the type your surgeon uses. Fat injections tend to be more long-lasting, rejuvenating your hands for up to five years. However, fillers provide a more uniform result and are much less invasive.

Your cosmetic surgeon will examine your hands and take your desired results and skin tone into consideration when choosing the appropriate laser treatment.

Most of these procedures require minimal downtime, with bruising and mild swelling as the most common side effects.

If you would like to turn back the hands of time, please contact Southern Surgical Arts at 423-266-3331 for a FREE personal consultation.

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