How Can Laser Hair Reduction Help You Have a Smoother Summer?

With summer in full swing, bringing with it shorts, bathing suits, and sleeveless tops, your razor is probably getting quite a workout. And while shaving provides smooth, silky results, those results are temporary, and often accompanied by shaving bumps, cuts, razor burn, ingrown hairs and irritation (saltwater on freshly-shaved legs—ouch!) Fortunately, Southern Surgical Arts has a solution.

Laser hair reduction is a great option if you’re ready to retire your razor and say “bye” to your bandaids. With affordable, customizable treatments for just about any skin tone, brown and black hair can be greatly reduced, and in some cases, virtually eliminated after a series of treatments.

Watch the video below to hear SSA’s Gretchen Dunigan discuss this safe, quick, FDA-approved procedure. To schedule your laser hair reduction treatment, call Southern Surgical Arts at 423-266-3331.

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