Meet Rabecca, the “Face” of Southern Surgical Arts

Have you ever wondered who’s face that is on Southern Surgical Arts’ billboards, brochures, Facebook, and most all other marketing materials? Let me introduce you to Rabecca Lee. She recently just competed in Miss Georgia Girl and we are so proud of her winning the title of Mrs. Georgia Girl.

Rabecca is 36 years old (I know, can you believe that?) and a mother of two. She graduated from Dalton State College Graduate with a degree in Information Technology Management. Today, she spends her time as a personal trainer. She is a fitness lover and Southern Surgical Arts’ model.

Rabecca will be the first to tell anyone that one of her secrets to staying beautiful is through the artist hands of Dr. Carey Nease and Dr. Chad Deal, both board-certified cosmetic surgerons who specialize 100% in cosmetic surgery.

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