New Permanent Lip Augmentation at Southern Surgical Arts

We recently had a patient who was interested in having fuller, more noticeable lips. She has had fillers, such as Juvederm, in the past. She liked her results with the filler, but it only lasted about a year. She wanted something permanent, something she wouldn’t have to come back and have redone down the road. She asked if we had something to accomplish her goal. And guess what……we did.

Dr. Nease recommended lip augmentation with a new, state-of-the-art silicone lip implant. It is a straightforward procedure and can be done using local and light sedation. The implant is made of high grade silicone and is designed to last. Once placed, that’s it. No more yearly trips to have your lips reinjected.

The patient had the implant placed. At her one week followup visit she was thrilled with her new look. She still had some minimal swelling, but the overall look was subtle but very nice. ~ Dr. Gardner

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