New Product: SkinCeuticals Pigment Regulator

I am excited to share with you another patent pending formulation from SkinCeuticals. Hyperpigmentation is the #1 skincare concern globally, affecting people of all skin types, ethnicities and age groups, and skin brightening is the fastest growing category of take-home skincare in the United States.

To be successful hyperpigmentation products must:

1. Reduce the production of excess melanin
2. Reduce the transfer of melanin to the top of the epidermis
3. Break-up and remove the existing melanin clusters on the skin’s surface

Prior to the introduction of Pigment Regulator, by SkinCeuticals, no topical product has been able to address all three steps of hyperpigmentation safely and effectively. Visit Southern Surgical Arts at one of our locations in Calhoun or Dalton, Georgia to learn more regarding this treatment . Let the leader in the field of skin care therapy, Southern Surgical Arts, help you to look and feel your best. Tammy and I are here to get your skin beautiful for Spring and Summer. Call us! ~ Amy C.

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