Our Surgeons Learn from the Master of Facial Plastic Surgery – Dr. McCollough

It has been said that learning continues over a lifetime, and this is especially true in the field of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Nease and Dr. Deal recently had the honor of learning from the master of Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Gaylon McCollough. Dr. Deal and Dr. McCollough are both from Birmingham, Alabama where Dr. Deal knew of Dr. McCollough’s work from a young age. “When I first met Dr. McCollough, I was star struck,” said Dr. Deal. “I grew up hearing of Dr. McCollough’s work and it was an honor to be invited to learn from him now that I’ve chosen cosmetic surgery as my career.”

During Dr. Deal and Dr. Nease’s visit at the beautiful, world-renowned McCollough Plastic Surgery Institute, Dr. McCollough not only shared his facial surgery techniques with them, but also business advice. “Dr. Deal and I were very fortunate to learn of the successes and failures of someone who has been down this path before us,” said Dr. Nease. “Dr. Deal and I are getting ready to take business ventures with our practice that Dr. McCollough has already experienced. What an blessing to hear dos and don’ts from a surgeon as successful and highly regarded as Dr. McCollough.”

Paying it forward is something Dr. McCollough, Dr. Nease and Dr. Deal believe is important. Good surgeons know that helping advance the field of medicine is often important for improving favorable patient outcomes and patient safety. Keeping that information to one’s practice does nothing for the rest of those practicing medicine. Dr McCollough told us on our visit, “medicine is one of the only fields where we share our secrets.” Other businesses keep their proprietary information within the organization. Imagine if the field of medicine did that with surgery techniques. Many of our techniques would be very antiquated.

Is learning important? Of course it is! Our surgeons knew they could learn from a pioneer in Facial Plastic Surgery. In return though, Dr. Deal and Dr. Nease also pass on techniques they’ve learned from others and by their cosmetic surgery experience. Just recently, Southern Surgical Arts hosted a Live Surgery Workshop for Facial Rejuvenation hosted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery with many surgeons from around the United States and Canada attending the event. It is a beautiful circle of learning.

Are you seeking out the experts in your field that can help you advance your techniques in the way you do business or life?

If you are looking for cosmetic surgery or facial plastic surgery enhancements, then you can trust the expertise of Dr. Nease and Dr. Deal. They never stop learning or teaching in their field.

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