Q&A: How Does the CO2 Laser Compare to Chemical Peels?

Question: How does the CO2 laser compare to chemical peels?

Answer: The CO2 laser is very different from a chemical peel. The laser treatment is intended to significantly rejuvenate the facial skin, including removing a majority of the skin’s sun damage, pigment changes and fine lines. It should also be able to tighten the skin and soften deep wrinkles and improve acne scarring. The down time is usually 3-7 days. Most chemical peels have the goal of mild to moderate skin exfoliation, improvements in surface texture, resolution of acne breakouts, and an overall “glow.” Down time is typically 1-3 days, if any. A deep chemical peel can have significant rejuvenating effects, but with the more advanced fractional CO2 laser technology available, the deep chemical peel is rarely used in our practice.

Answer provided by Triple Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeon, Carey Nease in Chattanooga, Tennessee and North Georgia. Call for your appointment at Southern Surgical Arts: 423-266-3331 or 706-629-8622.

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