Q & A: Picosure Tattoo Removal

Q: I have a lower back tattoo that I got in my 20s I really regret it. Am I stuck with it?

A: Thankfully, no. This is good news for a lot of people, because so many love their tattoos when they first get them, but later in life realize that they just don’t suit their style or taste any longer. We have also had patients who wanted a former boyfriend or girlfriend’s name removed, or want to hide tattoos to improve their chances while job-seeking. Whatever the reason, Southern Surgical Arts is able to offer an excellent, effective solution: PicoSure.

The PicoSure aesthetic laser is the gold-standard of tattoo removal because it is not only more effective and consistent than any other tattoo-removal technology available, it is also less likely to leave scarring.

PicoSure works best on tattoos using dark, highly-saturated inks such as blacks, blues, greens, or purples, and is most effective on fair skin. However, we can now also significantly fade tattoos using red, yellow and pink ink thanks to the latest improvements in this technology. We can also treat patients with darker skin tones, but we may need to do a test spot first to see if the patient is likely to experience a temporary loss of skin pigmentation.

We space the treatments out at least 8 weeks to achieve the best results. This gives the body time to clear the ink “shattered” by the PicoSure laser in the previous session. The number of sessions needed to completely remove a tattoo is dependent on several factors, including the age of the tattoo in question as well as the age of the person (due to skin condition, etc).

If you’d like to learn more about saying goodbye to an old tattoo, please give us a call at 423-266-3331. We’d love to go over your tattoo-removal options with you!

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