Recapturing Your Youth: Face Lift Techniques in the 21st Century

At one point or another, perhaps in an old TV show from the 80s, we’ve all seen a “bad” face lift. This is a face lift that is obvious to even the untrained eye, leaving an unnaturally plastic, stretched look to the skin, the eyes tugged back harshly—and the result is anything but enviable.

Images like this can stay with us for a long time, making us cringe at the thought of ever pursuing that kind of surgical intervention for ourselves. But today’s reality could not be more different!

Not Your Mother’s Face Lift

Today’s face lifts are beautiful, natural, and best of all, undetectable. That is, if you know what to ask for and choose the correct cosmetic surgeon. A board-certified cosmetic surgeon, who has performed hundreds of similar procedures and stayed current with the latest advancements, will have the most sophisticated tools and techniques at his disposal.

Because your face is the most visible part of your body, and the one that is arguably the most instrumental in first impressions, the type of procedure you choose is vital to your ultimate satisfaction. Don’t be seduced by talk of low prices and unrealistically quick downtimes if you desire results that will truly remove 10-15 years, tighten sagging areas, and leave your hollow places looking plumped, dewy, and fresh.

Below you will find an infographic that illustrates the differences between three surgical face lift techniques you will find at Southern Surgical Arts.

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