Sculptra Offers Non-surgical Rejuvenation

We are now offering Sculptra for facial rejuvenation at Southern Surgical Arts. Sculptra is ideal for adding volume to the face for a more youthful look and is done in a simple office visit with no downtime. The benefit of Sculptra is that it stimulates your body to produce it’s own collagen in the area treated. This is sometimes called a liquid facelift, and Sculptra can be combined with Botox and Laser resurfacing of the skin for a dramatic improvement in your appearance. There are no incisions, no stitches, minimal pain and less than a week recovery when these procedures are combined. You can expect to look 5 years younger and have a very natural, youthful result. Results of Sculptra last 2-3 years based on recent studies and some patients require more than one treatment session spaced apart by about 6 weeks. Check out the before and after photos in our Gallery and call if you think Sculptra is right for you! Dr. Nease

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