Southern Surgical Arts Introduces Bilingual Services

Posted by Southern Surgical Arts on Apr 25, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Angelica De Haro is excited to become Southern Surgical Arts first bilingual patient coordinator, serving both English and Spanish-speaking patients, as their main point of contact throughout their patient experience. Establishing a level of comfort and trust with patients is essential, and De Haro’s dual fluency is helping SSA bring the highest level of service and patient care to the Hispanic community.

De Haro says Spanish-only speaking patients who may otherwise feel confused or even somewhat insecure about their surgical treatment can have a greater comfort level. “I go through the whole process with them, from start to finish, so they know what to expect and have confidence that they are receiving the correct information and can speak openly,” she says. De Haro reports that most SSA Hispanic-only patients understand English; however, she feels that by bridging bilingual gaps, patients are noticeably more empowered and involved in the process. “They tend to ask more questions when you are there — things they weren’t certain how to ask before. They just feel more confident asking questions when they need to, so they feel safer going in to surgery. And they know they can call at any time and have someone able to answer their questions or concerns,” she says.

Hispanic patients aren’t the only beneficiaries of De Haro’s bilingual skills; from her experiences with patients, the SSA team has a better understanding of what many in the Hispanic community are seeking in cosmetic surgical enhancements. “We tend to like a more natural, curvier physique in our culture, so it’s interesting to see the differences and help our surgical staff be aware of those nuances,” she says.

With a passion for artistry, science, and making others smile, this Dalton State College biology major — and former Mac cosmetic artist — feels right at home on the SSA team offering her bilingual expertise in patient coordination to a vibrant and emerging segment of the community. “Seeing someone leave feeling beautiful, with more confidence in their appearance as well as happy with their surgical experience is really rewarding.”

For more information on SSA’s Hispanic patient coordination services, please contact us at 423-266-3331.

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