Southern Surgical Arts Offers Mommy Makeover Plus

This year treat yourself to a post-baby body that just may be better than the original with a Mommy Makeover Plus from Chattanooga’s leading Cosmetic Surgery Center, Southern Surgical Arts. Specific to their practice, the complete Mommy Makeover Plus procedure is only found at Southern Surgical Arts.

During a Mommy Makeover Plus, Southern Surgical Arts’ board-certified Dr. Nease and Dr. Deal provide a combination of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures aimed at restoring a women’s body to her pre-pregnancy days. The Mommy Makeover has traditionally included a tummy tuck, breast augmentation (with lift if desired) and SmartLipo laser body sculpting. Now, offered exclusively at Southern Surgical Arts, is the Mommy Makeover ‘PLUS’ vaginal rejuvenation for a more complete approach to regaining that youthful feeling.

Just over 4 million babies are born in the United States each year. Today, many women are electing to under-go a Mommy Makeover Plus at Southern Surgical Arts because of the lasting effects single, or multiple, pregnancies have left on their body. These undesirable after effects include the stretching of skin, increase of fat deposits, noticeable stretch marks, weakness of the abdominal wall and an overly relaxed vagina. Having even just a few of these conditions can cause women to feel insecure with the dread of a forever-lost youthful figure.

Commenting on her treatment at Southern Surgical Arts, one patient noted, “The staff at Southern Surgical Arts is well trained and very professional. They made me very comfortable throughout the whole Mommy Makeover Plus procedure and my recovery time was not as bad as I originally thought. I now have my confidence back and no one would ever guess that I am a mother of three!”

For more information on Southern Surgical Arts’ exclusive Mommy Makeover Plus, please call 423-266-3331 or visit

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