Southern Surgical Arts Practices “The Art of Beauty”

At Southern Surgical Arts, cosmetic surgery is an art form mastered by their award winning doctors

Southern Surgical Arts (SSA), Chattanooga’s leading cosmetic surgery center, could also be called an art studio. When you walk through the doors you won’t find pottery, statues or an art gallery curator, but you will find paintings of renowned artists hung on the walls and an impressive collection of before and after photos of some of the most brilliant face and body transformations. While Dr. Chad Deal and Dr. Carey Nease are cosmetic surgeons by profession, they are truly artists by trade with an eye and an appreciation for beauty.

What Does The Art of Beauty Mean?

Any surgeon can study and be trained to complete a procedure, but not everyone is born with a natural eye for beauty and the ability to visualize the ideal aesthetic form. Southern Surgical Arts’ surgeons have the talent to envision what “could be” and skillfully work to bring their vision for beauty into reality.

Like an artist painting a portrait, it is important that the work of a cosmetic surgeon appear natural and real to the eye of the beholder. After all, people shouldn’t be able to tell if someone has had cosmetic surgery, they should just look younger and refreshed, never stretched, pulled or plastic. Contemporary cosmetic surgeons should all be trained to avoid this stigma of the past, and at SSA we are well aware of what our patients desire and what is truly beautiful. We not only have this skill, but we teach these concepts to surgeons across the country.

At Southern Surgical Arts we take the time with each patient to understand their goals. Our staff has a passion for customer service and takes pride in the quality of work done, not the quantity of patients seen. We believe that the patient experience should be one that exceeds expectations where our patients at Southern Surgical Arts feel truly cared for at every step in treatment plan.

The Science Behind Southern Surgical Arts’ Art of Beauty

Going beyond having an innate ability to design aesthetically pleasing faces and bodies, Dr. Deal and Dr. Nease use scientifically proven methods to aid in their work. They keep up with current technology and surgical advances and lecture several times each year on what’s new in cosmetic surgery.

In studies, more men prefer feminized faces with high eye browns and thin jawlines when looking at women. On the same note, a majority of females prefer to look at males with overly masculine features. Eight out of ten people also prefer faces that are nearly symmetrical.

The reasons these factors are desired can be traced back to basic biology and the genetic clues that one’s body signals when relating to one another. Studies show that when we recognize a face as beautiful we are actually making a judgment about the health and vitality of that individual. It seems as if those with the best genes are in turn more visually appealing.

Outside of facial beauty, there is science behind overall body proportions. For women, the ideal figure is a waist to hip ratio of 0.67 to 0.80. Studies of male preferences of the female figure also lean towards more curves and fullness in the breasts and buttocks, contrary to the models typically used in magazines today.

Discover The Art of Beauty

Southern Surgical Arts invites you to discover the art of beauty for yourself with a complementary cosmetic procedure consultation. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 423-266-3331. Be sure to ask about our January specials like $150 for one area of Botox for new patients or 30% off spa or laser treatments.

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