The Truth About Cosmetic Surgery Scars

At Southern Surgical Arts, the question of scarring is common. When you decide that you want cosmetic surgery to enhance your natural beauty, your goal should be to avoid as many scars as possible. Although with most surgical procedures, incision points are inevitable, but experienced surgeons who trained in the latest cosmetic surgery techniques know how to both meet your aesthetic goals but also minimize your scars. Dr. Deal specializes in naturally youthful results, minimal, well-hidden scars and quick recovery.

One of our patients recently recorded a testimonial and said that she felt that the doctors at Southern Surgical Arts understood her goals. Having a low tummy tuck scar was very important to her. She even said that he brought it up before she did, which proved to her that the end result is just as important to him as it was to her.

Dr. Deal recently had a patient who had a breast reduction and lift from another Plastic Surgeon. She presented herself to Southern Surgical Arts because she primarily hated her scar from the lift. The scar reached around under her armpit. She had to buy swimsuits that covered this very large and ugly scar. This technique for breast reduction and lifting is antiquated and does not meet the goals patients who, in this day and age have higher expectations. Additionally, she wanted a Tummy Tuck but was worried about the scars. “In most cases, our Tummy Tuck scars are very low and do not reach around the hips. We most often can keep the scar between the hip bones,” said Dr. Deal. Scarring should be an important topic in your consultation with your Cosmetic Surgeon. Ask the doctor for pictures of the technique he plans on using for your procedure. The doctor should be able to show you his before and after picture gallery of the procedure you want to give you reassurance that he is an experienced surgeon with the latest training in cosmetic surgery. We invite you to review our extensive and diverse before and after gallery. Our surgeons are experienced and have your goals in mind, including minimal scarring.

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