The Vampire Facelift

There are many different types of Facelifts available and many promise minimal downtime, if any. The Vampire Facelift is a new type of Facelift that is gaining popularity (probably an effect of the Twilight craze) and the results last approximately two years. There is even a story today in the New York Times about the procedure. It uses your own blood to help provide a rejuvenated look to the face. Dr. Nease of Southern Surgical Arts warns patients to ask about the clinical studies and proven results, “The long-term results of this procedure, as well as other short-term Facelift options have yet to be proven.”

At Southern Surgical Arts, we offer the traditional Facelift and the Laser Facelift. The traditional Facelift includes incisions, although at Southern Surgical Arts, Dr. Deal and Dr. Nease have specific expertise in minimizing scars. The Laser Facelift, developed by Dr. Nease, was designed for the patient who desires facial rejuvenation but is not ready for the traditional Facelift. The Laser Facelift combines Smart Liposuction, Laser Resurfacing and Fat Transfer to the face, which makes a person look approximately five years younger. Additionally, the Laser Resurfacing to the skin can be performed several times for optimal results. The Laser Facelift clinical study was presented at the annual American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery conference in Phoenix, Arizona in January 2011 and the initial results show that over 75% of patients were highly satisfied.

When researching a Facelift that is right for you, make sure you ask:

1. How long the results will last?

2. How many procedures has the surgeon performed?

3. Does the procedure require anesthesia or is it done in an office-based setting?

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