Three Things to Know About Thighplasty

Along with all the high-profile cosmetic surgeries you hear about on a regular basis—face lift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and more, there are many other procedures that are less famous but equally worthy of attention. One such surgery is the thighplasty.

A thighplasty is the technical term for a thigh lift. Most people—both men and women—notice a loss of skin tone and tightness as they age, and this affects not only the skin on the face but the entire body. Patients commonly feel dissatisfaction with the skin on their legs due to these changes. Many may feel shy about wearing shorts or skirts, which can reduce comfort and self-confidence. We sometimes recommend a thighplasty for patients who feel dissatisfied with the appearance of their legs and desire a more youthful appearance.

Keep reading for three important facts about thighplasty.

Thighplasty is a great option after bariatric surgery or a large amount of weight loss due to dieting. Many of our thighplasty patients seek us out after gastric bypass or lap band surgery. Gaining and subsequently losing a large amount of weight can contribute to the loss of “bounce back” in the skin, and no amount of exercise can restore that “snap” once it’s gone. Thighplasty is an excellent option for those patients. For best results, you should wait until you are at or very near your ideal weight.
Even if you’re in great physical shape without significant weight loss, you may benefit from thighplasty. It’s a myth that only those who have experienced a large amount of weight loss will need a thighplasty. Even those in great physical condition can experience skin drooping and sagging due to genetics or after years of sun exposure. Patients who have played outdoor sports for years may have excellent muscle tone but still have laxity or “crepey” skin due to advanced aging caused by sun damage. Thighplasty can restore youthful smoothness to the legs.
You might want to combine thighplasty with other procedures to attain the best aesthetic results. We frequently combine thighplasty with liposculpture to create beautiful, firm and shapely contours. Combining these procedures allows us to smooth the exterior of the leg by tightening the skin and also remove excess fat beneath the surface—creating a firmer profile overall. In the case of bariatric surgery patients, sometimes a total body lift is necessary to achieve desired aesthetic goals. Your surgeon will advise you on whether combining procedures is an option for you, and if, so how they should be timed/scheduled.
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