What our patients are saying about us

We just wanted to share with you what a few of our patients are saying about us. We always survey our cosmetic surgery patients and you can see their testimonials on our Testimonial page on our website. But, two of them really struck us as remarkable, and we wanted to share them with you. For the most part, both of these patients had excellent results and excellent experiences at Southern Surgical Arts. And, that is really what keeps the staff motivated to do our best every day. We really want to serve our patients with the best service and the best outcomes that exceed their expectations. Take a look at what these patients had to say:

“I had consultations with two other practices, but didn’t want to trust my face to just any plastic surgeon. I wanted a board certified cosmetic surgeon. Of the doctors I met with, Dr. Nease was the most informed,professional, and took the most time to listen to me. He also looked after my best interests: I was considering a major change, but Dr. Nease advised that I consider less drastic measures that are better for my health and for maintaining a natural look.”

“I really liked that I can call with a concern and no matter how minor it is, I have an extremely quick response from people that seem to genuinely care.”

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