Who Can Perform Cosmetic Surgery?

Are plastic surgeons the only group of surgeons who can perform cosmetic surgery? According to this recent article by the editor of Plastic Surgery Practice, the answer is no. He does, however, caution consumers about choosing a qualified cosmetic surgeon. The editor said “The challenge, as I started to say, is to deal with those who somehow slip through the credentialing mesh and set up shop with little more than a few weekends of training in injectables, laser-based procedures, and even full surgical procedures. This can be regulated by existing organizations who must adapt to the changes occurring all around them. I want to trust those people to implement the proper training and testing to accommodate any qualified specialist who is intent upon breaking into the aesthetic field.”

At Southern Surgical Arts, we could not agree more. Again make sure that you choose a qualified cosmetic surgeon. We recently wrote an article that included what you should expect from your cosmetic surgeon: http://southernsurgicalarts.com/index.cfm/PageID/6863?p=303

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