3 Things You May Not Know About Laser Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most popular procedures we perform at Southern Surgical Arts—with good reason. While diet and exercise can trim, firm, and tone your body, they cannot eliminate those stubborn deposits of fat around the waist (“lovehandles”), on the belly, inner and outer thighs (sometimes referred to as “saddlebags”), on the neck, above the knees, or on the back. This can be very frustrating for men and women who spend hours at the gym with unsatisfying results.

Liposuction has become increasingly popular due to its ability to do what diet and exercise can’t—specifically target and eliminate those fat pockets for long-lasting, beautiful results. However, one of the best treatments available is a newer technology that takes the already impressive results of traditional liposuction to a new level—laser liposuction or Smartlipo.

A surgeon performing laser liposuction will use a small laser to melt and dissolve fat cells. Laser-assisted liposuction can be done alone or in conjunction with traditional liposuction to maximize the amount of fat removed.

When considering a laser liposuction procedure, there are three important facts you need to know about what it can and can’t do for you.

While liposuction can remove a significant amount of fat to improve the look of cellulite, it cannot eliminate it. These procedures work under the skin to target the fibrous bands that actually connect fat to the muscle, effectively treating the cause of cellulite development.

One of the benefits of having a laser-assisted liposuction procedure is that the heat generated by the laser tightens mild to moderate loose skin, resulting in a smoother, firmer appearance. Traditional liposuction is very effective at removing fat, but does not typically tighten the skin like laser procedure does. (If you have significant excess skin, you will need a surgeon who also performs “tuck” procedures. With greater amounts of excess skin, such as after significant weight loss, laser liposuction alone may be enough to get the best results possible).

Not only does laser liposuction have the ability to tighten mild to moderate excess skin, you will also experience minimal bruising. The procedure can be done under a local anesthetic with our without IV sedation, and because fat is removed in a liquid form, the trauma to your skin will be decreased compared to traditional liposuction. As a result, your downtime will be less, and you will recover more quickly.

Laser liposuction can dramatically transform your body to give you the contours you’ve always desired. Be sure to look at our before and after picture gallery so you can see what this procedure can do for you.

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